Banks and financial services companies have to deal with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of customers and clients daily. In such a competitive sector, customer service is critical, so automating generic processes is essential to minimise bureaucracy and to make it easy for customers to open new accounts, as well as sign up to new services.

What’s needed is a business process management platform that can facilitate immediate process improvements in order to streamline workflow and automate tasks throughout the organisation, promoting effective collaboration between departments and branches, and making sure customers receive the best level of service.

Sumerge offers a Business Process Management solution specialized in the financial services industry that automates and optimises processes and provides a clear overview of procedures across all types of operations, improving productivity, speeding up administration, eliminating paperwork and bottlenecks, and enhancing all-important customer care.

The Financial Services BPM solution will allow managers to make insightful decisions that will streamline processes, such as opening accounts and delivering services, as well as automating marketing and rollout campaigns for new products.

Sumerge’s Business Process Management solution is a crucial tool in the operations of any financial services organisation that is seeking to provide superior care and service to its customers. It has been specifically designed to help banks and other financial services providers to streamline and automate their business processes to enable the organisation to become more agile, able to react to changes in the business environment and, ultimately, become more competitive and profitable.

Solution Capabilities

Using the Financial Services BPM solution offered by Sumerge, key personnel across the organization can gain complete visibility of operations, KPIs, and how it all fits together to provide a better experience for customer, at the same time, employees in disparate locations such as individual branches, head office and customer care centres can collaborate better to deliver improved services with the support of the following solution capabilities:

Managed Business Processes

One of the key benefits of the BPM solution is that the user interface has been designed to integrate with websites, mobile platforms, apps and call centre tools, making it easy to implement across the organisation, regional branches and partners.

Statistical Analysis & Reporting

Not only has the Business Process Management solution been created to integrate with the existing infrastructure, it can also be customised for key performance indicators, trends and statistical analysis, giving decision makers the information they need to take action to streamline workflow and automate work processes.

Business Process Manager

The Business Process Manger component has been designed to give personnel in the financial services sector the ability to collaborate and share insights into business operations in order to effect change that benefits the entire organisation. As well as a performance dashboard, this component fully integrates with all mobile and cloud platforms/applications.

Case Management

Effective case management is key, especially in the financial sector, as banks and other financial services companies need to resolve customer queries on a daily basis. Not only does the case management tool give companies the functionality to optimise, automate and streamline current interactions, but organisations can also create beneficial new processes through testing and simulation. The solution can be adapted with escalation protocols, reducing workloads, and giving employees at every level the opportunity to offer improved customer care.

Decision Manager

Within the BPM solution, managers can view strategies and outcomes for enhanced decision-making. The decision-modelling component offers a schematic visual of all routes towards an outcome, offering a better understanding of business processes. What’s more, Sumerge’s Business Process Management solution allows for regular business decisions to be automated. However, managers must also be able to make decisions based on real-time scenarios, so the interface can be customised to alert managers and key personnel to risks and opportunities as they happen.

Best Practices Library

Sumerge’s solution not only integrates with existing systems, but also can be customised to meet specific financial services industry requirements. It does this by adapting to best practices. Whether the business is engaged in personal banking, broking, insurance or conveyancing, the solution will seek out proven expertise and methodology through a library of business operations best practices, reducing costs and errors, and even the need to hire in specialists.

Solution benefits

In the financial sector, automating processes and having an in-depth understanding of your operations is key to making sure customers have an excellent experience when they interact with you, whether that’s to open an account, acquire new products or get an answer to a query. Sumerge’s Financial Services BPM solution offers a single platform that makes it possible to respond to changes in the business environment, eliminate bottlenecks and streamline business operations to deliver better services and customer care.

Improve customer care and engage customers more effectively

Speed up customer transactions

Gain a real-time overview of work-in-progress

Up-sell and cross-sell more effectively

Secure new business insights

Manage change effectively

Drive improvements through mobile technology

Detect and Prevent fraudulent behaviour

Accelerate task completion and inter-departmental collaboration

Automate and streamline business processes