Solution aim to provide institutions & banks with a platform where they can contribute information about their Customers, have the information be authenticated and may be consumed by potential investors/partners. The main objectives are Centralizing CDD information of entities and Enabling validators validate information

Global financial flows have grown rapidly and these developments have also been accompanied by a rise in financial crimes including money laundering, bribery and corruption and fraud. Major financial regulators have embarked on initiatives to deal with these risks in order to preserve global peace, security and integrity of financial systems.

The solution uses top of the market frameworks for Portal technology, Web Content Management, Case Management, Reporting and Analytics to meet desired goals. The solution can be summed up into the following components:

  • Administration: The administration module is to be used by the operators of the solution
  • Validation: The validation process will allow organizations that are eligible to validate contributed information to access the system
  • Consumption: The Consumers will have the ability to access the portal and consume the services

Solution benefits

In the financial sector, automating CDD processes and having an in-depth understanding of your operations is key to making sure customers have an excellent experience when they interact with you, whether that’s to open an account, acquire new products or get an answer to a query. Sumerge’s CDD solution offers a single platform that makes it possible to respond to changes in the business environment, eliminate bottlenecks and streamline business operations.

Improve customer care and engage customers more effectively

Speed up customer transactions

Gain a real-time overview of work-in-progress

Streamline Due Diligence process effectively

Secure new business insights

Manage change effectively

Detect and Prevent fraud

Accelerate task completion and inter-departmental collaboration