With the evolution of Enterprise Content Management technology, Banks aim to implement a centralized ECM System that would transform the bank to a paperless environment through the automation and digitization of daily activities. Moreover, providing a centralized source of information and analytics that would speed up the process of retrieving the needed information at the needed time is one of the main objectives of the new ECM system.

With the increase of daily transactions in banks, the process of reconciliation and archiving has been hectic to business users. To begin with, daily vouchers consists of branch and operations transactions which contain the following types: Cheques, FX, Cash Withdrawal, Transfers and others. Normally, daily transactions are first grouped to be reconciled with the core banking system, then, the daily batch is scanned for archiving in form of images.

As a matter of fact, the frequency of retrieving a scanned document is high which obligates the employee to search by batch date, then, search among hundreds of images for the required document. Hence, the document retrieval process is tedious and it’s also affecting the employee’s productivity.

The Scanning Automation of the daily vouchers is the solution for business users’ challenges, the system aims to automate document classification while capturing data throughout the scanning process which will serve the business team needs.

Automatically scan branches daily vouchers as batches through barcode separation and recognition, document unique structure or OCR/ICR. The system will automatically classify, index and store the daily vouchers files. The solution accelerates document transfer from branches to centralized areas for processing from days to minutes.