Enabling the entire organization to work together and having a clear visibility and in-depth understanding of the business operation is an everyday challenge facing most businesses today. With organizations growing in size and the amount of services provided to customers as well as other departments, the need of a solution that can streamline the operation while offering a complete overview of the organisation providing valuable insights into how each department or area of operation is performing is inevitable.

Sumerge offers a solution that provides a clear overview of operations that can help automate business processes, streamline operations, improve productivity and speed up the achievement of company goals. Using our solution, key personnel and business partners can collaborate far better, particularly with regards to compliance and governance issues. The result is the removal of bottlenecks, vastly reduced paperwork and enhanced visibility of all business processes, so the entire organisation becomes more flexible and agile.

Without a BPM solution in place, departments and entities within organisations are disjointed and work independently of each other. This leads to inefficiencies, lack of organisational co-ordination and poor workflow throughout the company

Sumerge’s Business Process Management solution can be used to reinvent the operations of any organisation, in any sector, automating business processes and enabling the entire operation to work together with business partners as a unit. As a result, the organisation enjoys better productivity, fewer bottlenecks and is able to respond to changes in the business environment more effectively.

Solution Capabilities

Using the BPM solution offered by Sumerge, key personnel across the organization can gain complete visibility of operations, KPIs, and how it all fits together to provide a better experience for customer, at the same time, employees in disparate locations such as individual branches, head office and customer care centres can collaborate better to deliver improved services with the support of the following solution capabilities:

Managed Business Processes

One of the key benefits of the Business Process Management solution is that the user interface has been designed to integrate with websites, mobile platforms, apps and call centre tools, making it easy to implement across the business and partner organisations.

Business Process Manager

The Business Process Manger capability gives personnel across the organisation the ability to collaborate and share insights into business operations in order to effect change that benefits the entire business. As well as a performance dashboard, this component fully integrates with all mobile and cloud platforms/applications.

Statistical Analysis & Reporting

Not only has the Business Process Management solution been created to integrate with all existing infrastructure, it can also be customised for key performance indicators, trends and statistical analysis, giving decision makers the information they need to take appropriate action.

Case Management

Effective case management is key when dealing with customers and business partners. Not only does the BPM case management tool give companies the functionality to optimise current interactions, but organisations can also create beneficial new processes through testing and simulation. Our solution can be adapted with escalation protocols, reducing workloads, and giving employees at every level the opportunity to offer improved customer care.

Decision Manager

Within the BPM solution, operation managers can view strategies and outcomes for enhanced decision-making. The decision-modelling component offers a schematic visual of all routes towards an outcome, offering a better understanding of business processes. What’s more, the Business Process Management solution allows regular business decisions to be automated. However, as well as speeding up business processes, managers must be allowed to make decisions to react to real-time scenarios, so the interface can be used to identify and react to risks and opportunities as they happen.

Best Practices Library

The solution not only integrates with existing systems, but also can be customised to meet specific industry requirements. It does this by adapting to best practices for individual niches. So whether the organisation is in retail, finance, insurance, healthcare or any other sector, the solution will seek out proven expertise and methodology through online sources for enhancing business operation, reducing costs and errors, and even the need to hire in specialists.

Solution benefits

In business, having clear visibility and an in-depth understanding of your operations is key to making sure business processes are as effective as possible. Sumerge’s Business Process Management solution provides a single platform that automates business processes so managers and decision makers have more time to focus on the core business.

Create business advantages through service differentiation

Speeding up reaction time and decision making

Ensure compliance and process government

Increasing visibility across all areas of operations

Integrating with cloud, mobile and social data platforms and applications

Improve performance monitoring and reporting functions

Gain new business insights

Reduce paperwork

Automating and optimising business processes

Enhancing interactions with customers and business partners

Improving collaboration, productivity and eliminating bottlenecks