Telecom Operators need to publish their services to their customers through a friendly mobile application on major App Stores so they can log on easily and control their profile and account using mobile phones & tablets.

The purpose of the solution is to add a new service for Telecom Operators customers through Self Service Mobile Application that will provide a new channel for them to manage and control their profile. The new application will enable the customers to use operator services through mobile web interface. The application will be available on Apple App Store & Android Play Store.
The application development software used is IBM Mobile First that helps you to build, connect, run and manage cross-platform mobile applications as well as IBM Integration Bus for consuming backend services and integrating the mobile application with internal systems. Foster an application development environment that helps your team to manage a range of operating systems and a mix of devices, form factors and standards. This IBM software is designed to deliver scalable enterprise connectivity. Take action to improve productivity and to meet the expectations of customers and colleagues. Reduce time-to-market, reduce developments costs and reduce ongoing maintenance efforts.

Self Services include:

  • Change Internet Speed

  • Suspension upon customer request

  • Request Router

  • Subscription Renewal

  • View Invoices History

  • Complains submission & tracking

  • Update Customer’s profile

  • Find nearest branches