Case management that unites content, processes and people for better outcomes

IBM® Case Manager can optimize case outcomes and increase customer satisfaction by empowering knowledge workers. It provides case workers access to structured and unstructured information from various types of applications or storage systems. IBM Case Manager, IBM's award-winning Advanced Case Management (ACM) offering, provides flexible process controls, access to powerful analytics and dashboards, and an array of industry-specific business partner solutions to enable rapid time to value.

IBM Advanced Case Management

IBM Case Manager provides:

1 The advanced search and retrieval capabilities of the IBM Content Navigator framework user interface produce wide-ranging information access.
2 Content federation allows access to information from multiple third-party repositories.
3 Content and process analytics and dashboards provide valuable insight into trends, best practices and productivity.
4 Near real-time collaboration and up-to-date case histories help reduce workloads and promote better outcomes.

1 Accesses case documentation, in various formats and from various locations, from a single interface.
2 Enables multiple integration points to third-party applications for required case data and updates using Web 2.0 technology.
3 Accesses IBM Cognos® Real-time Monitoring and other analytical tools to support fact-based decision making.
1 Provides business-oriented tools for the design and deployment of applications to help facilitate business-user participation and ownership of the case application.
2 Offers a business-focused design environment that includes interview-style interfaces for case construction and the ability to capture best practices using built-in frameworks and templates.
3 Includes business rules development tools integrated directly into the design environment.

4 Allows you to add your own templates and create case management applications to address specific industry and customer needs.

1 Uses the Content Navigator framework mobile case client for iOS tablets. Supports the capabilities of the web-based case client optimized for the iPad.
2 Offers case search and access through the Content Navigator framework to work with case documents, data, tasks, history and alerts. Also enables you to browse your inbox and update your task list.
3 Allows for data collected remotely to update case files when connectivity is restored.
4 Enables mobile case collaboration, including the use of the history function or team space.

1 Includes IBM Case Foundation and IBM Content Manager for enterprise-class process and content management.
2 Integrates with IBM Records Manager for full lifecycle governance of case files.
3 Supports rapid eDiscovery of case-based information.

4 Provides a single vendor ECM framework that includes case management, content, processes, records and analytics.

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