Exposing vital insights from unstructured information

IBM Watson Content Analytics is a powerful analytics solution that helps organizations aggregate, analyze and visualize massive amounts of information to expose unique insights. Watson Content Analytics helps organizations interpret and understand their enterprise information to validate what is known and reveal what is unknown.

Watson Content Analytics provides:

Transforms information into insights by uncovering trends, patterns, and relationships from enterprise content through intuitive analytics visualizations.

1 Deciphers the meaning and context of human language within textual information hidden in unstructured data, such as documents, email, social media and call center logs.
2 Enables interactive, near real-time exploration of data to help you understand how and why patterns, relationships and correlations affect desired outcomes.
3 Allows intuitive access to and aggregation of information from multiple internal and external information sources and content types.
4 Provides unparalleled natural language processing (NLP) technology found in the IBM Watson question-answering computing system to extract facts and concepts from content.

5 Delivers accurate and highly reliable insights for industry solutions such as insurance, financial services, healthcare and public safety.

1 Delivers analytics-driven search with enhanced faceted navigation and selection of content based on concepts, corporate taxonomy and entities buried in the unstructured text.
2 Enables knowledge workers to search and explore content through an intuitive and easily extensible search application.
3 Improves knowledge worker productivity by breaking down information silos and making relevant information available more quickly and easily.
4 Helps reduce the total cost of ownership by implementing a search system that is designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure.
5 Processes unstructured information using an open-standards platform based on the Apache Lucene text search engine library and unstructured information management architecture (UIMA).
1 Use Content Analytics Studio to create powerful analytic applications with your own custom text analysis.
2 Create dictionaries, rules, annotators and more without programming skills or specialized knowledge.
3 Develop character rules to recognize patterns of characters that represent specific types of information, such as telephone numbers, email addresses or URLs.

4 Develop parsing rules to analyze tokens and other UIMA annotations created by previous annotators, such as dictionary-based and character rule-based annotators.

5 Create UIMA annotators that are based on dictionaries and rules. Annotate text and browse the contents of each annotation.

1 Uses extensible application programming interfaces (APIs) to deliver analysis results to other applications and processes.
2 Tackles complex large volume searches from multiple enterprise sources.
3 Integrates seamlessly with other IBM solutions, such as IBM Case Manager, IBM InfoSphere® BigInsights™, IBM Cognos® BI and IBM WebSphere® Portal.

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