Document capture and data extraction for improved information management

IBM® Datacap Taskmaster Capture extracts information from document images for use in enterprise content management (ECM) and line-of-business systems. This software operates as a universal capture portal that transforms various forms of documents entering your organization. IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture helps significantly reduce labor and paper costs, deliver meaningful information for better, faster decision making and improve the responsiveness of customer service.

Datacap Taskmaster Capture offers:

Works with multiple recognition engines, configurable using rules that support dozens of languages, including Simplified Chinese and Cyrillic.

1 Datacap Taskmaster Capture features an open architecture that supports documents with barcodes, machine-printed text, hand-printed text or check boxes.
2 It includes three optical character recognition (OCR) engines: ABBYY FineReader, OpenText Recostar and Nuance ScanSoft. Connectors to add Parascript FieldScript support documents with cursive and handprint capture.
3 You can determine which engine is the most accurate for that particular document, or even a specific field.

4 Datacap Taskmaster Capture supports Unicode double-byte languages. Capture text and localize screens in dozens of languages including Cyrillic and Simplified Chinese.

Offers configuration with a simple point-and-click interface. Delivers a flexible set of capture capabilities in a single product.

1 Datacap Taskmaster Capture includes hundreds of prebuilt actions and rules, which span various document capture functions, such as multi-language recognition, document classification, validations, and business rules and formatting for business systems.
2 You can save and reuse rules and adjust parameters as needs change. You can apply rules developed for one application to other applications using a copy-and-paste feature.

3 You can point and click to configure advanced capture applications — with no programming skill required.
4 Working in Datacap Studio, the environment for building and testing capture applications, you can assemble rules and actions like building blocks.

Provides an integrated solution for remote scanning or verification over the Internet using a browser.

1 Datacap Taskmaster Capture applications can combine remote scanning and verification with advanced thick client capture functions, such as document ID, recognition and validations.
2 Various administration functions can be performed in the browser. Use the Job Monitor in the thick or thin client to view the entire capture environment or filter it to focus on a single process or batch.
3 Capture capabilities can reduce shipping costs and accelerate the input of documents.

4 A notification utility can program Datacap Taskmaster Capture to issue email notifications when certain situations occur, such as a batch being held for more than 24 hours.

5 Datacap Taskmaster Capture delivers standard reports, which can be issued daily, weekly or monthly. It also supports IBM FileNet® System Monitor and ships with the System Dashboard for ECM.

1 Datacap Taskmaster Capture has many standard methods for document identification including rules to find a high percentage of required data. Smart verify panels enable operators to key data into the remaining fields in seconds with a single click on the image. After that, document type and field locations are stored in a library.
2 For advanced classification and identification, the software uses content analytics with a connector to IBM Content Classification. This Watson-based technology “reads” the document and classifies content with a high degree of accuracy.
1 Datacap Taskmaster Entry Level offers a low-cost solution for automating document indexing and archiving into IBM repositories or Microsoft SharePoint. It features a rapid application deployment tool and an intuitive interface to get up and running fast. Add connectors for fax input, email and electronic documents for a wide-ranging document capture tool that is designed to provide an easy upgrade path to Datacap Taskmaster Capture for additional capabilities.
2 Datacap Taskmaster Capture is a robust and scalable document capture platform that enables you to configure various types of capture solutions to streamline process and reduce cost. Mix thin and thick client deployments, multiple OCR engines, multicore processing accounts payable capture with line item extraction, and special connectors for handwriting and content analytics.
3 Datacap Taskmaster Enterprise Edition presents the typical connectors for high-volume capture as a single user-based add-on that enables fax, email and electronic document input, Rulerunner Enterprise and IBM Content Classification.

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