Single, integrated social content management system

IBM® Connections Enterprise Content Edition provides social content management that tightly integrates social collaboration tools with robust content and document management. It enables users to collaborate on trusted content in a contextual manner through social business tools that intuitively surface relevant expertise and knowledge, regardless of the user experience—web, desktop, or mobile. IBM Connections Enterprise Content Edition delivers an intuitive, consistent and modern user experience for business users as well as experienced knowledge workers who have specific content application requirements.

CEMEX Builds a Customized Social Platform

IBM Connections Enterprise Content provides:

Full content and document management that incorporates social constructs, such as likes, tags and comments, enabling contextual collaboration and enterprise performance, scalability and security.

1 Delivers expansive ECM capabilities through familiar office productivity and collaboration tools.
2 Manages various types of enterprise content throughout the content lifecycle. This includes documents as well as email, social, collaborative and web content.
3 Allows users to access and manage content across multiple repositories.
4 Provides intuitive tools to extend usage to related services and applications, such as business process management (BPM), records, eDiscovery, case management and analytics.

Social collaboration capabilities that tightly integrate social content, such as wikis and blogs, with more traditional enterprise content management (ECM) in a social business environment.

1 Combine social collaboration with office document management in a single, integrated content management environment.
2 Connect networks of content consumers and producers through corporate profiles and status information.

3 Incorporate internal and external communities with interactive content sharing.
4 Locate content on desktops, tablets, mobile devices and social user interfaces.
5 Integrate enterprise content with social tools, including files, wikis, forums, blogs and activities, to share documents, exchange ideas and create content.
1 Enable organizations to create tagging, classification, analytics and retention policies.
2 Allow organizations to define best practices and guidelines for system deployment, security and decommissioning.
3 Support legal and regulatory requirements using electronic discovery, allowing users to query information quickly within established retention guidelines.

An open standards approach that accommodates technologies such as HTML5 and Web 2.0, enabling businesses to protect existing content investments while using a modern and familiar user experience regardless of platform or device.

1 Delivers extensive desktop and collaboration application integration with IBM Connections and IBM Content Navigator.
2 Provides access and delivery of content through multiple channels, including mobile and social media.
3 Enables faster application development and makes it easier to add components.

4 Offers quick access to information in existing applications and infrastructures.

5 Supports full document management functions.

1 Use desktop connectors to author and manage content through common desktop applications.
2 Support the use of Microsoft Office 2003-2010, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, IBM Connections, to view and manage content.
3 Provide full content and document management and workflow capabilities through IBM FileNet Content Manager.
4 Use IBM Connections to create a social environment that connects networks of content consumers and producers for improved productivity.
5 Work with social and collaborative tools, such as files, wikis, forums, blogs and activities, to create and share content, which can be managed by FileNet Content Manager.

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