Make process improvement everybody’s business

Do email threads and inboxes become black holes in which work disappears never to be found again? Follow through on a particular action item could mean everything from a more enjoyable on boarding experience for a new employee to your sales team meeting their quarterly numbers and as such it should not be left to luck. By automating a disaster recovery, a new marketing campaign or product design review process in IBM Blueworks Live you’re not only taking the guess work out of work, but, with increased visibility over these routine yet critical processes, you’re also in time giving yourself the “real option” to fix organizational bottlenecks.

IBM Blueworks Live is a cloud-based business process modeler designed to help organizations discover and document their business processes, business decisions and policies in a collaborative manner. It is designed to be simple and intuitive to use, while still having the capabilities to implement more complex models.

Introducing Blueworks Live

IBM Blueworks Live provides:

One shared repository of your most critical business assets

  • Simple enough for the masses, yet feature rich enough to discover and document the most complex processes
  • Spend less time searching for and more time finding your latest processes and rules with easy tagging
  • Feel at home with single sign on and branding capabilities that give you an increased sense of security and privacy
  • Take the guess work out of work by automating simple processes in 90 seconds or less for increased visibility into your operations

Continuous improvement through collaboration

  • Discover, leverage and improve upon each other’s work through collaboration features that take the work out of process improvement
  • Standardize the process of process improvement with a prescriptive approach and a shared glossary of terms
  • Discover and collaborate with SMEs from within or outside your organization in real time or through playback sessions
  • Automatically become part of the “loop” by following the items you care most about

Rolling out change with confidence

  • Discover and document your most critical business assets in Blueworks Live
  • Explore how corporate policies and government regulations relate to business processes and decisions
  • Identify preferred terms to promote the use of consistent terminology across your account
  • Identify, capture, and analyze key business decisions in the context of your business processes

Business led change

  • Documenting and automating processes in the browser is as easy as capturing a bulleted list
  • No barriers to a broad user rollout with the power of cloud based scale and zero software install
  • Through rich analysis sessions gain actionable insights into areas that need improvement
  • Act on the need for change by taking your processes into production with the IBM on- premise BPM suite

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