Better visibility into business opportunities, trends and issues

IBM® Business Monitor provides detailed business activity monitoring to help improve business agility. It offers customizable dashboards, notifications and alerts to provide near real-time visibility into business operations, transactions and processes for better business insights. IBM Business Monitor helps identify evolving business opportunities, trends and issues through statistical analysis of current and historical data.

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IBM Business Monitor provides:

1 Enable you to define and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) that measure the status of business activities.
2 Offer statistical analysis, dimensional analysis and visualizations to identify trends and forecast events.
3 Enable you to perform extensive analyses by viewing multiple levels of related information.
4 Generate predictive values for KPIs based on current and historical performance to plan more effectively, and to identify and address potential problems before they occur.

1 Deliver customizable, role-based, Web 2.0 dashboards to define, add and view new KPIs, specify data filters, and create controls, reports and alerts.
2 Includes IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence for advanced analysis and reporting.
3 Provide capabilities to generate dashboards automatically with rapid iterative development and playback.
4 Provide fine-grained security filters to determine who can see specific types of information and levels of detail.

5 Take advantage of dynamic user interfaces that enable you to view data through web interfaces, portals, smartphones, tablets and more.

1 Enable you to set situational triggers and early-detection notifications to help you respond quickly to business trends and issues.
2 Deliver notifications and alerts through a variety of options, including mobile devices, email, instant messaging and Google Gadgets.
3 Provide proactive alerts to help you react to situations before they occur.

4 Track transactions and support processes, individually or in groups, to pinpoint and troubleshoot problems quickly.

5 Provide notifications and alerts about business transactions from processes and applications running in disparate environments.

1 Enables end-to-end visibility into business transactions across systems and provides a view of the underlying virtual process.
2 Work with capabilities in IBM Business Process Manager, IBM Operational Decision Management, IBM WebSphere® Message Broker, IBM CICS®, IBM IMS™, IBM FileNet® and IBM Sterling Control Center.
3 Supports third-party applications such as SAP and PeopleSoft for integrated monitoring WebSphere adapters.
4 Accepts events from additional applications through Java Message Service (JMS), REST or web service APIs.

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