Optimize business processes to reduce complexity and improve productivity

IBM® Business Process Manager is a full-featured, consumable business process management (BPM) platform designed for faster time to deployment. It includes tooling and run time for process design, execution, monitoring and optimization of business processes.

IBM Business Process Manager can be used almost immediately in its standard configuration or in an easily customizable configuration. It provides a highly integrated environment that scales smoothly and easily from initial project to enterprise-wide program, providing faster time to value with improved user productivity.

IBM® Business Process Manager is a unified platform for analyzing and improving business operations through a combination of business process and basic case management, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business process analytics. It includes Process Server, Process Center and a visual design environment for process, case and integration requirements. It supports process improvement across a spectrum of work patterns, from highly automated, straight-through processing to dynamic unstructured processes.

IBM Business Process Manager provides built-in support for business process and case handling based on IBM Business Process Management (BPM) technology and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) basic case management capabilities. It improves knowledge worker productivity through intelligent process automation and support for ad-hoc activities in a collaborative, social environment.

IBM Business Process Manager includes an embedded restricted-use content repository to support basic case documents and folders. The restricted-use content repository can be extended to support unlimited content management use cases with IBM ECM.


IBM Business Process Manager supports:

Full visibility for streamlining tasks, enabling continuous process improvement through analytics.

1 Helps to optimize business processes using real-time analytics.
2 Streamlines tasks, manages tasks and tracks performance using a federated view in real time, enabling continuous process improvement.
3 Helps to manage change through a unified model-driven environment, giving team visibility of the same process version.

Real-time collaboration for facilitating task management and communications with subject matter experts, helping to ensure project accuracy and timely completion.

1 Identifies and contacts a subject matter expert in real time to accelerate the completion of work while providing continuous process improvement.
2 Creates and reuses custom, user-defined coach controls and sections.
3 Provides a highly collaborative work environment with increased social capabilities using redesigned Process Portal.

Program-wide governance using the Process Center, a scalable and centralized, common design environment and asset repository.

1 Organizes, manages, monitors and deploys process artifacts, applications and services from the business process management program.
2 Includes a comprehensive set of adapters to service-enable your assets including packaged, custom and heritage applications, technology protocols and databases.
3 Facilitates management of process deployments throughout all runtime environments.

4 Enhances time-to-value through business-user focused design capabilities, including process coaching to guide users easily through the steps of a process.

5 Reduces costs associated with initiating a company-wide BPM program by leveraging the Bring Your Own License option for IBM Business Process Manager Standard on the IBM SmartCloud™ Enterprise.

Enterprise integration of applications and back-end systems.

1 Includes integration design tooling for visually constructing services, data transformations, and Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) orchestrations.
2 Supports back-end and application integrations.
3 Provides backward compatibility with the latest versions of IBM WebSphere® Lombardi Edition, IBM WebSphere Process Server and IBM WebSphere Integration Developer.

4 Allows for migration of existing IBM BPM applications, protecting your investments in IBM Business Process Management solutions.

BPM mobile capability for task management from both IBM Business Process Manager and Blueworks Live™.

1 Provides access to your business environment wherever you are working.
2 Enables important and time sensitive tasks to locate employees who are working remotely.
3 Identifies and contacts expertise immediately, without unnecessary down time.
4 Provides a single view that consolidates tasks from multiple IBM process sources.

IBM Business Process Manager Resources: