Social Security & National Insurance Trust (SSNIT)

  • Country : Ghana
  • Project Name : Enterprise Content Management & Business Process Management
  • Solution Components :
    • IBM FileNet Content Manager
    • IBM FileNet BPM
    • IBM DataCap
    • IBM Forms

Background on SSNIT

The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) is a statutory public Trust charged with the administration of Ghana's National Pension Scheme. The Trust is currently the biggest non-bank financial institution in Ghana. It's primary responsibility is to replace part of lost income due to Old Age, Invalidity and payment of Survivors' benefits to deceased dependants.

The Pension Scheme administered by SSNIT has a registered active membership of over One million and over 100, 000 pensioners who collect their monthly pension from SSNIT.

The core business activities are decentralized with most of the functions carried out in 52 Branches, monitored by seven (7) Area Offices and supervised by the Operations Co-ordinator. The Management of the fund is at the Head Office.

Solution Overview

With the Help of SUMERGE and utilizing IBM ECM technology, SUMERGE built an end-to-end ECM & BPM solution for SSNIT to manage all of the pension forms, processes and documents lifecycle from information capturing, management & disposal.

  • Built a central ECM & BPM solution to manage all the pension core business.
  • Branch automation module that automates pensions business process, scanning and content
  • Capture at 52 Branches using OCR/ICR, document classifications & barcode recognition for more than 20 forms/processes.
  • Implementation of all pension forms using IBM Forms (eForms) to be used by branches, Kiosks & portal.
  • Electronic finger prints verification by integrating IBM DataCap with the finger prints biometric solution.
  • Batch scanning and processing.
  • Integrating the ECM/BPM platform with the core pension system, biometric system, Portal, CRM and Kiosks.

Solution Highlights

  • 52 Branches across Ghana
  • 7000 business transaction per day
  • 1500 batch per day
  • 2.5 million documents scanned in 4 months

Mortgage Finance Fund

  • Country : Egypt
  • Project Name : Enterprise Content Management & Business Process Management
  • Solution Components :
    • IBM FileNet Content Manager
    • IBM FileNet BPM
    • IBM DataCap
    • IBM Forms

Background on Mortgage Finance Fund

The Mortgage Finance Fund is an agency of the Egyptian government that provides housing subsidies for low-income families. Based in Cairo and operating across Upper Egypt, it employs 55 people and aims to serve 50,000 new customers per year.

Solution Overview

The key was to replace the MFF’s existing processes, which were mostly paper-based, with a more automated solution, supported by IBM enterprise content management technologies.

The MFF worked closely with the World Bank to develop a scope for the project, and chose IBM as the project’s main technology partner as part of a wider contract with the Ministry of Communication. To assist with the implementation of IBM FileNet Content Manager and IBM Case Foundation software, the MFF selected Sumerge Software Solutions.

Phase one transformed the way the MFF interacts with lenders and other players in the loan appraisal process. When a citizen makes an application for a housing subsidy, their details are entered into the solution, which triggers a sophisticated set of workflows. First, MFF employees perform initial checks to ensure that the applicant has not received a subsidy before. Next, the appropriate subsidy level and maximum loan thresholds are automatically calculated based on the applicant’s income.

Information about the applicant is sent to a third-party company that performs background checks, and – provided these checks reveal no issues – the application file is then sent to the lender for loan approval. If all documentation is in order, the contracts are then generated and sent to the applicant for their signature.

By giving the MFF a cost-effective way to scale up its operations, the enterprise content management solution is helping to transform the agency’s impact on Egyptian society.

“Sumerge and our own team worked together seamlessly and with great dedication to deliver phase one of the project, which has been a major step forward,” comments Mrs. Mai Abdel Hamid, MFF CEO. “By automating our loan appraisal processes, enterprise content management empowers us to help more citizens find affordable housing, more quickly.”

Egyptian Mortgage Refinance Company

  • Country : Egypt
  • Project Name : Enterprise Content Management
  • Solution Components :
    • IBM FileNet CM
    • IBM Capture professional
    • IBM Workplace XT

Background on Egyptian Mortgage Refinance Company

The EMRC is a specialized financial institution that provides funds refinancing to primary mortgage lenders, it will raise funds initially through long-term loans from institutional investors and equity contributions from the founding investors its shareholders and from bond markets by becoming a well rated and regular issuer in the capital markets.

Solution Overview

EMRC is a mortgage company and thus their entire operations depends on collateral documents estimated in tens of thousands, EMRC needed a solution to automate the archiving process of the aforementioned documents along with their metadata that resided on their core information system

What sumerge provided was an Enterprise-level archiving solution that ensures scalability and flexibility to handle the most demanding content challenges in terms of Making content more accessible, secure and manageable to support business initiatives by:

  • Intuitive easy to use user interface that reduces human errors by inducing bar code reading methods for meta data acquiring
  • Reduce the amount of paper the office has to contain Smaller space equal smaller fees
  • Reduce the amount of time looking for files
  • Reducing unwanted effort and stress searching for a specific information
  • Saving thousands of man-hours every year by drastically reducing the time spent looking for information
  • Simultaneous document viewing
  • Cutting out the need for photocopying and passing on information
  • Documents migration tool to print them as barcodes on white A4 papers
  • Based on FileNet capture, implement & deploy an application that reads the documents from a bulk scan operation & stores them in the FileNet CM with the proper attributes based on the printed Barcode separators
  • Integrate EMRC core system with FileNet
"Thankfully EMRC now relies on the electronic version of their documents and moved their collateral documents to a safe fireproof ware house offsite as there was no need for the documents be on site any more"

Banque Misr

  • Country : Egypt
  • Project Name : Business Process Management
  • Solution Components :
    • IBM WebSphere Process Server
    • IBM COGNOS Business Intelligence

Background on Banque Misr

Banque Misr is the second largest bank in Egypt and one of the largest in Africa and the Middle-east, the Bank cooperates with more than 6 Million customers and millions of transactions.

Solution Overview

The Bank operations include more than 17 business processes which include transactions between different branches across various locations.

The bank needs a system to facilitate the operations and decrease processing time while maintaining the strict Banking Security rules and policies. The solution implemented was a mixture between Workflow, Business process and document management, The IBM tools used varies from WPS (Websphere Process Server), CM (Content Management) to COGNOS for Reporting. "The output includes better customer satisfaction and enhanced business processes with analytical performance reporting and monitoring."