At the heart of any business or organisation is the finance function. A firm hold on the finances that underpin the company is central to success. The key to achieving is this is making use of every piece of information pertaining to finance that is available to the organisation.

Sumerge provides an analytical software solution that is able to do just this. By capturing information and data, both from internal and external sources, and converting it into valuable business intelligence that can be easily assimilated and distributed to where it is needed in the organisation, Sumerge solution allows businesses to make faster, more informed decisions.

Sumerge’s Financial Analytics solution can be put to work in all type of organisation, no matter what size, or niche and is capable of integrating with all systems already in place within the organisation. The solution has been designed to be a highly scalable and customisable and aims to help organisations gain a real insight into financial operations and how those operations can be tailored to reduce costs and maximise profitability.

The advantages for businesses include:

  • Faster reaction times to business opportunities

  • An improved financial reporting function

  • Real time view of accounts and finance

  • Automate financial systems for efficiency

  • More control over financial and operational performance

  • Improved compliance and risk management

Sumerge’s Financial Analytics solution has been designed to help organisations gain real control over their finances and gain insights that can make a massive difference to the future success of the organisation by improving financial performance and boosting profitability.

Solution Capabilities

Sumerge’s Financial Analytics solution can be broken down into several components all of which can be used to derive better value for the company from business information and intelligence:

Financial reports are a valuable tool in any organisation and vital for effective decision-making. How effective those decisions are depends on the quality of reports and how that information is presented. The solution allows companies to customise their reports to achieve most value for their specific needs.

Sumerge’s solution comes with a full range of analytical tools that give management and employees all the financial information they need to make the most informed and appropriate decisions. These tools include a fully customisable interface and the capability to use graphical representations, as well as trend and what-if scenario analysis.

Scorecard software within the financial analytics solution allows management to deliver core strategy to every area of the organisation and measure financial performance at an operational level, including KPIs. Sumerge scorecard software has been designed to be user-friendly with minimal maintenance required.

Our financial analytics solution includes dashboards, which can be personalised to help users and departments interact effectively to attain business goals. Dashboards can be tailored, depending on their purpose, enable users to analyse financial data faster and be more effective.

A statistics component allows clients to incorporate statistics into the reporting function. By doing so, users can generate improved presentations and reports for decision-making activities. Sumerge’s solution includes useful additional features such as the ability to identify financial trends.

With more people than ever working via mobile devices, it’s important for businesses to have mobile functionality built into their systems. When it comes to business intelligence, many decisions are now being made in the field. Which is why Sumerge’s solution has been designed to be fully compatible with all mobile devices and technology.

Seeing KPIs in real time can help decision makers take actions that can bring business goals within reach much more quickly. Sumerge’s solution offers interactive dashboards through which users can review business data in real time, identifying opportunities to improve performance and outcomes.

Business is all about working together. That’s why Sumerge’s Financial Analytics solution has been designed with collaboration in mind. With features that allow users across the organisation to work together seamlessly, sharing ideas and insights, building relationships and aligning goals, Sumerge’s solution is particularly effective in this area and integrates with all commonly used platforms such as Microsoft Office.

How Financial Analytics can benefit business

Sumerge’s solution covers all aspects of accounts and finances from forecasts and budgets to costs and sales targets offering real insights into financial data that can be used to formulate new business strategies. The Sumerge Financial Analytics solution can help in all these areas:


Real-time, easily understandable reports that can be use to gain valuable insights into every aspect of business operations.

Reduce cost of sales

Transform data into intelligence that can be used to segment reduce acquisition and sales costs by measuring profitability against outgoings.

Maximise profitability

Use financial information to maximise cross-selling and up-selling.

Marketing Optimisation

A sound marketing strategy can means better sales and an improved bottom line, but only if management can understand the underlying financials. With Sumerge’s solution, businesses can get a better return on their investment by using financial intelligence to optimise marketing strategy.