Information and data is key to the success of any organisation. However, in order for this information to be used in the most effective way, it needs to be structured and easily accessible by relevant personnel. Every document, whether physical or digital, that comes into a company has potential value. By standardising and organising information across the entire organisation, that value can be realised. The inherent information then becomes easy to access, assimilate and can be put to use to achieve business goals and objectives.

Sumerge offers an Enterprise Content Management solution (ECM) that captures all documents and information that comes into the organisation in differing formats, such as physical documentation (handwritten, typed and containing visual images) or digital files (emails, attachments and downloads), standardising and converting all of it into a format most appropriate for the organisation’s needs. The solution has been designed to work with all sorts of information in a wide range of formats and be compatible with any systems already in operation within the client organisation.

From physical documentation to digital formats, our solution is flexible enough to be used to process all types of information, allowing for huge range of uses, such as:

  • Claims processing
  • Project management
  • Processing application forms
  • Sales orders and deliveries
  • Case management, including disputes/complaint
  • Input into accounting/financial systems

Sumerge’s Enterprise Content Management solution standardises access and format of all information within an organisation, enabling better teamwork and faster informed decision.

Solution Capabilities

Sumerge's ECM solution is designed to be highly flexible employing different tools and technologies that provide the following capabilities covering different areas of content management;

Document management

Despite advances in technology, businesses still struggle with time-consuming paperwork. Sumerge’s solution has been optimised to remove as much paperwork as possible, while speeding up the movement of physical documents through the business by scanning, analysing and capturing relevant information contained on all documents, including handwriting, that enter the organisation. This information is then converted into a format that can be easily retrieved by search parameters and edited, if necessary. The templates for these formats are fully customisable so as to be easily understood by users.

Content analytics

The ability to analyse and use data as it’s received gives businesses real-time insights for better decision-making. Sumerge’s Enterprise Content Management solution incorporates a range of analytic and reporting tools that can be configured to do just this.

Document Imaging & Capture

Information and data is crucial to the success of every business, but getting the most value from it means employing a solution that is able to identify and capture relevant information, before categorising and delivering that information to where it is needed.

Social Content Management

Sharing media effectively as become important to ensuring people work together in the most productive way possible. Sumerge’s solution allows users to manage content through a wide variety of devices and interfaces, including iOS devices. Users can annotate documents and tag objects, monitor downloads for audience analysis, and stream files to a number of users simultaneously.

Case Management

When you’re dealing with customers and suppliers daily, you need a system that can cope with every conceivable parameter. Sumerge’s ECM tools has all the functionality and flexibility to help organisations optimise current business processes and create beneficial new ones through testing and simulation. This solution will integrate with all existing IT solutions and can be customised with escalation protocols.

Information Lifecycle Management

Information and data from many sources can accumulate quickly, leading to inefficiencies. Deleting that information isn’t always an option, when, in many instances, legacy data can provide a solution to current issues problems. Sumerge’s ECM system has a number of solutions to make it easier to control business records with regards to archiving, retrieval and disposal.

Solution benefits

Sumerge's Enterprise Content Management solution is all about improving information management, from capturing to processing, archiving and retrieval throughout any organisation.

Having all information in a format that’s easily accessible and easily understood by systems and users has the effect of streamlining operations and standardising organisational processes, while simultaneously speeding up the flow of information through the organisation. The result is significantly quicker decision making at every level, along with vastly improved productivity and better collaboration. Benefits include;

Reduce documents shipping and storing costs

Better compliance with fewer errors

Improve quality of decisions by providing information when it is needed.

Improved insight and responsiveness

Automate and optimize business cycles.

Dramatically reduce the amount of paper documents.

Produce data analysis and statistics based on real data or simulations.