Organizations, their employees and their business partners need an effective way to share information, data and applications online. In today’s digital age, delivering online services to improve customer relations and streamline business processes with internal and external parties is critically important to all types of businesses. This access needs to be real-time for the immediate sharing of information, enhanced productivity and more effective decision-making.

Sumerge's offers an Enterprise Portal solution that acts as a single gateway to company information, applications and services. The goal of our Enterprise Portal is to help organisations liaise, engage, deliver services and interact with their business partners, customers and employees – or, indeed, any party that will help the company achieve its business goals.

Some uses of Enterprise Portals:

  • Employee portals: for a more connected and empowered workforce
  • Supplier portal: for a streamlined supply and delivery operation
  • Customer portal: for a convenient self-service experience at the fingertip of your customers
  • An online channel to acquire new customers
  • A window for providing access to different applications and data
  • An interactive reporting dashboard

Solution Capabilities

As well as acting as a single access point for company information, data and applications, Sumerge’s Enterprise Portal solution integrates seamlessly with existing back-end systems within all types of organisations and make it possible for people to interact in real time with the company and each other, if required.

Recognising the increase in mobile device usage, our Enterprise Portal solution have been fully optimised for mobile users:

  • Designed to work with all mobile devices, including Smartphones and tablets.
  • Reduced reliance on bandwidth for a faster, smoother experience.
  • Integration with social networking platforms.

The solution can be supplemented with add-on modules, all of which can be customised to meet individual client needs. All come with the basic functionality of the Enterprise Portal and can be fine-tuned to meet client needs.

At the heart of Enterprise Portal is the server technology, which has been designed to allow clients to create rich, customised web content via a high functionality and versatile content templating interface. This interface provides a user-friendly editing function that allows users to create, change and approve pages before publishing.


  • Easy to use configuration wizard for administrators.
  • Installation Manager for faster installation, updates and other modifications.
  • Develop flexible solutions using Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Builder. With this, users can access CMIS standard data stores, such as FileNet® and Microsoft® Sharepoint.
  • Integrates with all leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.

The EP can be enhanced with components that allow the creation of the highly functional websites, including the addition of the latest Internet technologies, such as widgets and blogs. As a result, you can deliver custom-built web experiences that meet the needs of your users, whether customers or employees, encourage interactivity and analyse the results of your efforts.


  • Document libraries to facilitate the sharing and organisation of files.
  • Advanced search function, allowing users to find what they’re looking for with ease.
  • Real-time web analytics to provide results measurement for process enhancement.

Another component has been developed specifically to facilitate collaboration between individuals and teams, allowing businesses to accelerate business processes and decision-making.


  • Individual and shared workspaces.
  • Instant messaging function for real-time interaction.
  • Editable electronic forms for faster document processing and less paperwork.

Solution Benefits:

Sumerge's Enterprise Portal delivers all the functionality clients need to interact and provide real time information to employees, customers and business partners. Designed to reflect the huge increase in mobile usage, with social networking integration, Sumerge’s Enterprise Portal is capable of delivering highly relevant and easily editable online content in every conceivable format.

For clients and users, the benefits are huge in terms of higher productivity and efficiency:

Deliver improved customer service

Increase productivity

Create cost savings

Reduce paperwork

Improve business processes

Share information easily and quickly

Respond more effectively to business opportunities

Implementing Sumerge’s Enterprise Portal solution means that organizations can deliver vastly improved services to customers, partners and employees, while benefiting from cost savings in every area of the operation.