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Sumerge helps businesses accelerate time-to-market by reducing time spent across all stages of the application development lifecycle through the adoption of modern development approaches; Agile, automation, DevOps, open source, and licensed third party tools. By leveraging Sumerge Agile & DevOps methodology, enterprises benefit from shortened development lifecycles, continuous, quick delivery of business value and faster project completion.

Application Development Services

We develop secure software with quality and speed using traditional to next-gen technology innovation to enrich customer experience, accelerate business outcomes and drive customer loyalty.

Business Analysis and Product Management

Sumerge’s product management & business analysis team are highly capable of understanding your business objectives & designing the right product for you. We manage the end-to-end product design starting from brainstorming sessions, stakeholders’ management till the delivery of the final product. All this is integrated in our Agile process assuring continuous delivery of business value through the project life cycle.

Agile Applications Development

Sumerge provides the capability and scale to execute and manage the development of applications using multiple methodologies while providing Services analysis, architecture and design, quality assurance and governance throughout the development life-cycle.


we help organizations increase productivity and deliver quick business results by enabling and automating the development pipelines. Relying on a mature automation and DevOps capability our teams are able to ship new features and deliver business value quickly, consistently and at ease.

Cloud Native & Micro services Applications Development

We accelerate development of scalable cloud native applications and micro services using modern development approaches while leveraging proven pre-built services from Sumerge and our technology partners.

Development outsourcing added Value

Deliver enterprise grade systems at tech start-up speed

Using our modern development approaches in automation, agile, DevOps and Cloud Native software development, we help get initiatives to life more quickly and securely. Our development approach is 40% faster and more reliable than traditional software development methodologies.

Innovate and realize digital strategy

We understand the complexities and challenges in a digital journey. Our Consulting and Engineering teams help clients set their digitization strategy and implement it, from proof of concept of new technologies to enterprise wide initiatives. We have been working with large government and private entities for years now on continuous innovation of their digital strategy using the latest technologies and tools.

Reduce applications costs by 40%

Using our application services and enabling continuous improvement across all aspects of service delivery our clients can increase investment on business innovation and digital transformation strategies. An average of 40% lower costs have been achieved by many of our clients through application development transformation. We know how to deal with investments in legacy systems by integrating and building the right enterprise architecture that makes use of legacy systems and building modern systems that integrate with existing assets.

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