Digital Process Automation

for Improved Productivity

Banking and financial service employees deal with thousands of customer requests on a daily basis. Separating generic processes from complex issues allows for better customer service, increases the speed of processes and improves collaboration between banking departments. Sumerge’s Business Process Management (BPM) Solution offers desired automation tools and features to better streamline processes and eliminate unproductive tasks.

Our BPM solution provides out-of-the box analytics tools, reporting features, and customizable dashboards. This banking solution speeds up administrative tasks so employees can focus on providing the highest levels of service to your customers.

BPM Banking Solution Benefits for Increased Service Satisfaction

Sumerge’s Process Management Solution offers total operational visibility for varying banking locations for better employee collaboration.

  • Customer engagement improvement across all channels
  • Customer transaction services and task completion speedup
  • Cost per transaction reductions
  • Regulation and policy compliance assurance
  • Operational performance monitoring
  • Paper-based process elimination
  • Inter-department collaboration
  • Detect and prevent fraudulent behavior.
  • Data quality improvement and error reductions

Banking Automation and Customization Tools at Your Fingertips

Process Modeling & Testing

Efficiently create new processes or modify existing ones using modeling and simulation features for faster set up.

Business Decisions Automation

Automate regular business decisions as a customizable interface can send alerts to managers and key personnel about potential risks and opportunities

Analytics & Reporting

Customize and capture desired analytical data and KPIs for better report generation to help streamline workflows and processes.

Simplified User Interface

Role-based access interface easily integrates with websites, mobile platforms, applications and call centers across the financial organization.

Performance Dashboard

Analyze data faster with tailored dashboards that effectively converts insights into valuable trends and best practices.

Banking process Library

Access our best practices library to peruse expertise and proven methodology to reduce banking errors and costs.

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