BPM for Banking

More agility & improved productivity

Banks and financial services organizations deal with thousands of customer requests daily. Automating generic processes is essential to minimize bureaucracy, simplify complexities and deliver a better service to customers from account opening to signing up for a new service. Adopting a business process management solution will streamline and automate workflow throughout the organization, promoting effective collaboration and ensuring customers receive the best level of service.

Sumerge offers a complete BPM solution with out of the box banking and financial services industry process guaranteeing a smooth operation, improving productivity, speeding up administration, eliminating paperwork and bottlenecks, and enhancing all-important customer care.

Solution Benefits

Gain complete visibility of operations and provide a better customer experience, at the same time, employees in disparate locations can collaborate better to deliver improved services with the support of our BPM Solution.

  • Improve customer engagement across all channels.
  • Speedup customer transactions.
  • Reduce cost per transaction.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and policies.
  • Monitor operation’s performance.
  • Eliminate paper based processes.
  • Accelerate task completion & inter-departmental collaboration.
  • Detect and prevent fraudulent behavior.
  • Ensure data quality and reduce errors.

Solution Capabilities

Process Modeling & Testing

Create new processes or re-engineer existing processes by modeling and simulation to optimize and streamline current interactions.

Business Rules Management

Allow regular business decisions to be automated in addition to customizable interface to alert managers and key personnel to risks and opportunities.

Analytics & Reporting

Customize the needed kPIs, trends and statistical analysis to give decision makers the information they need to streamline workflow and automate work processes.

Simple User Interface

Role-based access interface that can be integrates with websites, mobile platforms, applications and call center tools, for easy implementation across the organization.

Performance Dashboard

Tailored Dashboards to analyze data faster more effectively converting valuable insights into trends and best practices.

Banking process Library

Seek out proven expertise & methodology by using a library of business operations’ best practices, reducing costs and errors.

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