Business Rules Management

Instantly respond to change

The globalization of markets and the ever-changing compliance and eligibility rules create permanent challenges for banks to rapidly comply with new regulations, introduce new products and react faster to external threats.

The Business Rules Management solution (BRMS) allows banks to define, deploy and maintain the variety and complexity of decision logic used by operational systems.  It allows decision logic to be extracted and managed separately from core application code, so that it can be easily understood, maintained and re-used across the organization. Now business experts can manage decision logic, reducing the amount of time and effort required to update decision logic in production systems, and increasing the organization’s ability to respond to changes in the business environment.

Solution benefits

Improve efficiency

By adopting our BRMS, banks are able to adapt faster to changes, increase transaction automation and decision speed, while reducing non-compliance cost. The organization will gain visibility and access to business rules, along with the ability to more easily define and automate them for use in their operational systems

  • Better Visibility & Control

    Manage Business Rules in Business language directly without having to involve IT in every minor change.

  • Seamless Regulatory Compliance

    Simply introduce new rules and track changes with rules versioning and a central repository.

  • Improved operational efficiency

    link business rules to the right processes, according to best banking practices, and automatically enforce them.

  • Faster Time to Market

    New products addition and changes can be implemented in days rather than months.

Solution Capabilities

Implement, test and deploy decision logic using BRMS’ unique capabilities and as well monitor, understand, maintain and re-use business rules in different systems across the organization

Runtime Components

Automate decision logic, enabling the detection of business situations and precise response based on the interaction context.

Governance Framework

Role-based security, built-in release management cycle, historical reporting, as well as testing and simulation capabilities.

Operational Monitoring

Monitor business networks to discover events and take action based on event data patterns.

Configurable Rules

The system offers non-technical rule language and capabilities, allowing you to define and manage decision logic.

Task Management Tools

Improve collaboration between business functions through a centralized repository & shared governance controls.

Business User Interfaces

Allow subject matter experts to update and govern their decisions, as well as collaborate and share their experiences.

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