Business Rules Management

Right interactions at the right time

The ever-changing legal frameworks create permanent challenges for business to rapidly respond to evolving market demands and regulatory requirements. That is why business success is increasingly dependent on two main factors: agility and flexibility, so businesses have to ensure that their business systems deliver the right interactions at the right time.

Sumerge’s Business Rules Manager is a fully featured, easy-to-use platform for capturing, automating and governing frequent, repeatable business decisions. The solution supports the process of modeling, implementing and automating business rules to help you improve your responsiveness, make faster decisions, minimize risks and seize opportunities.

Solution Benefits

Validate & verify actions

The business rules manager will improve the quality of transactions and process-related decisions, as well as determining the appropriate course of action for customers, partners and internal interactions for

  • Seamless Regulatory Compliance

    Simply introduce new rules and track changes through rules versioning and a central repository.

  • Enhancing Operation Efficiency

    link business rules to the right processes, according to best practices and then enforce them automatically.

  • Reducing Time & Cost to Deliver Decision Management

    Gain an integrated set of ready-to-use change management capabilities.

  • Reducing Time to Market

    Implement new insights or changes rapidly in just a few hours.

Solution Capabilities

Runtime Components

Automate decision logic, enabling the detection of business situations and a precise response based on the context of the interaction.

Decision Governance

Through role-based security and built-in release management cycle, as well as testing and simulation capabilities.

Monitoring & Analytics

Monitor business networks to discover events and take action based on event data patterns.

Task Management Tools

Improve communication and collaboration through a centralized decision management repository and shared governance controls.

Configurable Rules

The system offers non-technical rule language and capabilities, allowing you to maintain decision logic.

Business User Interfaces

Allow subject matter experts to update and govern their decisions and to collaborate and share their experience.

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