Cloud & Microservices Architecture

Smoother Time-to-Market Solutions

Cloud apps are used throughout the world. Employees access apps on mobile devices to send reports and gain work orders. Customers access apps to perform banking, organize their errands and do other tasks. To stay competitive, you need to design, build and ship digital services faster than ever. So you need to enhance your current systems and infrastructure to improve your cloud apps time-to-market.

With Sumerge Cloud Native Applications and Microservices team, we will help your enterprise move seamlessly into the digital age by providing end-to-end transformation capabilities for your software systems. Let our microservices architecture take your digital services to the next level with our new-age transformation initiatives.

Design, Implement and Sustain Your Cloud Apps

Sumerge team and partner platforms use new-age technologies that include platform-as-a-service (Paas), microservices, and serverless architectures to provide software transformation solutions to enhance your ROI.



We create a comprehensive business case and will define the microservices transformation roadmap and operating model. Then we will build cloud native applications.


Our team will re-architect and re-design monolithic applications with microservices, build and test services, perform platform migrations, and build your DevOps culture and environment.


At every step of the process, we enable 24×7 IT support, maintenance and governance.

Scalable Microservice Solutions

Let the Cloud Native Applications and Microservices transform your systems and infrastructure so it can handle the new digital age. Take advantage of the following benefits:

Boost Time To Market

Have the maturity to ship new features to your customers on daily and weekly basis instead of traditional quarterly and semiannual release plans.

Accelerate Top Line Growth

Harness new revenue streams & gain the competitive advantage

Improve Business Agility

Simplify monolithic applications with microservices

Boost Cloud ROI

Build customized cloud-native applications quickly & efficiently for cost-effective solutions

Dynamic Talent Pool

Hire and onboard new software engineers easily to fully leverage your capabilities

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