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One of the first and major steps of document management is document imaging and ingestion. A lot of organizations are looking to build an electronic document archive. But the struggle with the reality of how big the operation is to scan, recognize, index and upload all documents from the past backlog in addition to the day to day of new operations.

That’s why Sumerge offers a complete Content Capturing and Imaging solution which automates the process of document imaging, recognition, indexing, ingestion and uploading data to the Content Management System so that the organizations govern their internal security policies by avoiding the need to outsource the whole process.

Solution Benefits

Leverage your data

Companies have to cope with business-critical, paper-centric processes, so utilizing information stored in their forms, invoices or any other physical documents through smart extraction tools to

  • Minimizing human intervention and reducing error rates.
  • Ensure that the security policies of the organization are being honored.
  • Automate document capturing and imaging cycle.
  • Digitize all documents (back-log or day-to-day) to reach a paperless environment.

Solution Capabilities

Batch Scanning

Feed the scanner with batches of documents rather than having to split the documents by themselves for a significantly faster operation.

Forms Design

Mature your forms by redesigning them to help in gaining maximum automation benefits from the system while ensuring higher accuracy rate.

Document Splitting

Use template information and/or barcodes on scanned documents to determine their types and split them according to pre-designed rules.

Vast Integration Capabilities

Simply integration with other systems using all major integration technologies which gives more options for implementation such as recognition of one field and looking up the rest from another system.

All Image-to-Text Technologies

The solution covers all major recognition technologies such as: OCR, ICR, Barcodes, etc… and also supports federation and use of 3rd party libraries.

Wide-Range Scanner Support

The solution supports scanner from different vendors which implement TWAIN driver

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With the spike in the amount of documents and other types of content that is generated by organizations, it is becoming an increasing challenge for them to fully utilize and manage the value that this content holds, as they can quickly lose track of the generated documents and it gets quite costly to regenerate the lost documents.

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