Data Warehousing

Consolidated Data Retrieval System

Every department in your organization will capture a large amount of data every day when dealing with customers, vendors and business partners. This data is then used, transmitted and stored in individual data silos for future use when compiling analytical reports and performing audits. Gathering specific data from multiple systems can be a tremendous task, taking up valuable time and resources while hampering your ability to make proactive company decisions.

Sumerge offers multiple data warehousing solutions to improve date transparency and visibility. The Data Warehouse allows you to extract large amounts of data from individual silos into a consolidated, flexible data architecture so you can perform data cleansing, data mining, report building, and data profiling tasks. This high performance data foundation helps reduce costs, create streamlined processes, and increase business agility.

Solution Benefits

Greater Data Performance and Accuracy

Analyze data sources for better visibility into your organization’s historical activities. Solution benefits:

  • 360-degree views of your business data
  • Timely, quality data access and consistency
  • Enhanced business intelligence from multiple sources
  • Historical intelligence for high return of investment (ROI)
  • System & query performance for better decision-making
  • Seamless data integration from multiple sources

Extract and Consolidate Data for Increased User interaction

The Data Warehouse solution offers streamlined data usage capabilities when using a complex storage infrastructure.

Industry Data Model

Pre-designed and pre-built business and technical data models designed for your industry to provide a comprehensive analytics environment using proven best practices in data modelling.


Adaptable Scaling

A powerful and flexible Integrated platform that is scalable to meet your future needs when experiencing business changes and growth.

Data Mart

Data Mart allows for a fast way to build a data warehouse focused on specific subject or functional area.

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

OLAP technology creates very fast aggregations and calculations of underlying data sets for better and quicker “informed” decisions.

Data Insights Foundation

This solution allows you to work with legacy hardware and liberates users to work with structured and unstructured data/data types in a language they are familiar with.

Intelligent In-Memory Processing

The feature automatically keeps the most frequently used data in memory, as you gain greater leverage of large memory capacities in new platforms with no DBA intervention.


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