Agile Integration

Agility, Resilience, Scalability

Has your traditional integration proven to be an obstacle to your business’s success? Your DevOps went with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and a Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for an integration solution, but they have proven to be complex and less responsive to your needs. Your integration has proven the bottleneck in scalability and agility. The innovation quickly became the complex and slow drag on applications and systems.

That’s why Sumerge’s Agile Integration solution will modernize your applications’ connectivity, thus enabling business agility and scalability. With Agile Integration, your organization will roll-out new features fast and effortlessly — and without impacting your integration platform or other applications. Imagine an update with no drama; integration with resilience, fine-grained, and decentralized so it doesn’t impact all the other applications or your integration platform. The Agile Integration solution’s cloud-native design is perfect for moves to the cloud and microservices.

Bring Agility, Scalability, and Resiliency to Your Architecture

Greater Agility

Sumerge’s Agile Integration solution provides small enough interfaces which are easy to understand and simple to isolate and change independently, as required.

Elastic Scalability

Get the services and resources you need for your business model. Need more or less services and resources? Now, it’s simple to scale them to your needs.

Discrete Resilience

Once isolated and decoupled, it’s simple to make the changes to a microservice without affecting others at runtime.

How Agile Integration Architecture Works for Your Business

Decentralized integration ownership

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) requires central integration teams and infrastructure to create the service layer. With Agile Integration, you no longer have the centralized bottleneck because now multiple teams to work independently and ship new features without affecting other applications and other services.

Fine-grained integration deployment

No longer centralized like ESB, the “fine-grained integration deployment” architecture offers improved agility, scalability, and resilience by provide specialized, right-sized containers that fit your needs.

Cloud-native integration infrastructure

Enjoy fast, lightweight runtimes; independent, parallel services; API first architecture,  scalability, resilience, and auto recovery of the modern cloud native infrastructure

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IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is the industry’s most complete hybrid integration platform. Access all of the integration tools that your team needs to balance traditional and modern styles of integration. Set up the appropriate governance to provide the right level of access to each team member. Use any of the tools alone or together, through a single interface with a single login and dashboard.

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