Total Confidence in Your New Customers

Only take on customers as trustworthy as you are

Fraud, money laundering and other financial crimes are just things you read about in the headlines. They can happen to any financial institution that doesn’t take proper precautions. Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulatory compliance are the smartest precautions you can take, and Sumerge has you covered.

Our comprehensive CDD and KYC platform provides ongoing risk and compliance management throughout the entire customer lifecycle. A 360-degree customer view gives you the power to identify high-risk customers, while advanced analytics let you predict customer behavior.

You are also able to effectively manage regulatory business rules, workflows and investigative paths all while complying with the stricter compliance regulations brought on by tighter legislation, embargo restrictions, and anti-corruption and CDD policies.

Full Protection and Peace of Mind

Built-in Safeguards

Guarantee regulatory compliance, reduce fraud and risk.

Smarter Workflows for High Efficiency

Accelerate task completion and inter-departmental collaboration.

Fast Approvals for Faster Onboarding

Speed up customer transactions, shorten case approval time.

Delighted Customers from the Start

Enhance customer experience, engage customers more effectively.

Customer-Friendly Automation

Use automation to streamline the customer experience and the due diligence process.

Savvy Insights for Surefire Strategies

Gain new business insights with an in-depth understanding of your customers and operations.

Advanced Features Make Due Diligence Easy

Case Management

Customize our configurable, rules-based system for use as either a straight-through flow or multi-layered authentication process

Watchlist Management

Easily manage and connect with global AML watchlists in real-time

Automated Compliance Checks

Ensure document compliance with automated checks on credit history, AML status and blacklists

Alerts & Notifications

Route and manage alerts for optimal operational performance

Dashboard and Reports

Customize real-time reporting and KPI dashboards to align with your business needs

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