Business process automation

Accelerates operational performance

Most businesses today face the everyday challenge of getting the whole organization to work together. With organizations growing in size and increasing the amount of departments they have and services they provide to customers, there is inevitably a need for a solution that can streamline the operation whilst also offering a complete overview that gives valuable insights.

Sumerge’s Business Process Management solution can be used to re-engineer the operations of any organization, in any sector. It achieves this by automating business processes, streamlining operations and enabling the organization to enjoy better productivity and fewer bottlenecks while responding to the changes in the business environment more effectively.

Solution Benefits

The BPM solution provides a single platform that automates business processes so that managers and decision makers have more time to focus on the core business as they

  • Gain new business insights
  • Improve collaboration, productivity & eliminate bottlenecks
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Enhance interactions with customers & business partners
  • Ensure compliance & process government
  • Speed up reaction time & decision making

Solution Capabilities

Business Process Modeling

Create new processes or re-engineer the existing processes through process simulation and testing to optimize and streamline current interactions.

Document Management

Remove paperwork by capturing information contained in all the documents then convert it into a format that can be easily retrieved by search parameters.

Performance Dashboard

Analytics dashboards that can be tailored to provide trends and best practices along with the ability to collaborate and share insights into business operations.

Statistical Analysis & Reporting

Customized reporting for kPIs, trends and statistical analysis to give decision makers the information they need to take appropriate actions.

Decision Manager

Allow regular business decisions to be automated and it can be used to identify and react to risks and opportunities as they happen.

Integration APIs

Easily integrate with all of the existing infrastructure using APIs so that you can simply implement the solution across the business.

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