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The basic challenge that faces banks is how to achieve an optimal balance between risk and reward, and so the best approach is to strengthen your collections and recovery operations. In this ever-competitive market, cutting down your collections cost and improving productivity while maintaining customer relations and regulatory compliance is critical to success.

Sumerge Collection Manager – SCM – is a complete solution designed to streamline the processes and daily activities of the collections and recovery function. Sumerge Collection Manager is designed to manage debts, provision levels, and increase productivity and profitability. SCM has proven success in increasing productivity, cutting costs and measuring and optimizing performance of the collection operations and staff.

Solution Benefits

Borrower centric approach

Given the highly competitive environment and how easy it is for customers to switch between banks, leaving their debts behind, a close management of customers through intelligent customer segmentation will allow banks to design a tailored collection approach for each customer segment so that banks can;

  • Improve Collection Effectiveness

    By implementing a comprehensive debt approach, scoring and segmentation, banks will be able to improve recovery rates, reduce bad debt write-offs and improve roll rates.

  • Maintain Customer Relationships

    By using customer level profiling to accurately assess customers and take informed actions, banks will reduce churn and increase customer loyalty.

  • Reduce Collections Costs

    By delivering workflow automation, workload balance and intelligent allocation, banks will be able to minimize activity cost and time and improve staff productivity.

  • Improve Collection Efficiency

    By focusing on value added activities through taking the most appropriate actions banks will improve staff productivity and protect future revenue streams.

Solution Features

Identify, track and recover delinquent accounts accurately through the solution’s unique features

Easy Accounts Assignment

Easily define teams, classify and assign accounts to collectors.

Performance Monitoring

Ongoing quantitative evaluation of collectors’ performance.

Business Rules Management

Automatically apply distribution rules and ensure distribution fairness.

Reporting & Analytics

Generate reports automatically and monitor assigned accounts on daily basis.

Workflow Automation

Eliminate work lists management effort and automatically track promises and payments.

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