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Ease of access

In banking and financial services industry, information is the key to success – but only if that information can be processed effectively. To do that, it must be presented in an intelligent way consistent with organisational objectives. A mechanism is needed by which all information that enters the financial organisation is standardised and organised, so it becomes easy to access, assimilate and used to attain goals.

Sumerge’s ECM solution allows banks and financial services organizations to discover, capture and use incoming data to seamlessly serve customers and co-workers. Our solution captures information that comes into the organisation in differing formats, such as physical documents or digital files, standardising and converting them into the most appropriate format required by the organization.

Solution Benefits

In a highly competitive industry, an enterprise content management solution will help you to greatly improve your service as it;

  • Identify valuable information that previously may have been lost
  • Provides information for instant customer query resolution
  • Boosts staff productivity and simplifies operations
  • Enhance the quality of decision making
  • Optimizes business processes and work procedures
  • Improve teamwork and collaboration

Solution Capabilities

The solution offers a unique set of capabilities allowing banks and financial services organizations to seamlessly store, manage and retrieve information throughout the organization resulting in an improved customer service, better internal collaboration and informed decisions.

Content Analytics

Appraise data effectively using a range of tools that can be configured to provide optimum value.

Imaging & Capture

Derive the maximum value from information with the effective capturing, storing and management of content.

Defensible Disposal

An effective and safe way to manage the disposal of information and data that is no longer required.

Information Lifecycle Governance

Manage, archive and retrieve legacy data required to provide quality customer service.

Advanced Case Management

A versatile tool that allows users to route cases through a custom process, improving collaboration and optimizing performance.

Social Content Management

Manage content through wide variety of devices, tag objects & monitor downloads for audience analysis.

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