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All government departments and agencies – whether they are central or regional – interact with a huge range of people and organisations. Whether it’s the general public, businesses and suppliers, service provider, or other government departments, having a way to interact and liaise effectively with internal and external parties is vital to keep any governmental agency operation running smoothly.

Sumerge Enterprise Portal solution offers a single gateway to government information, services and data that can be accessed by the public, businesses, and public service providers, such as healthcare organisations, financial services providers or welfare services.

Solution Benefits

Better citizen services

The solution gives government agencies the ability to interact with the public and all its partners in the most appropriate way. This means that every agency can deliver their services in the most efficient manner possible and also obtain the maximum return on investment from its resources by having

More Accessibility

Real time access to information and forms

24h Service

Around the clock service to citizens and entities

Improved Insights

Provides services consumption insights to management

Easier Integration

Ease of integration with external services

Solution Capabilities

Capitalize on existing investments

The Enterprise Portal acts as a single access point for information, data and applications. It will also integrate seamlessly with an existing IT infrastructure within all types of organizations, making it possible for people to interact in real time with the company and each other. As the solution offers:

  • Content Libraries

    To facilitate the sharing and organisation of files.

  • Real-time Web Analytics

    Provides results measurement for process enhancement.

  • Ease of Use Access

    Easy access to agency services with an instant messaging function for real-time interaction.

  • Advanced Search Function

    Allows users to easily find what they’re looking for.

  • Editable Electronic Forms

    For faster document processing and a paperless workplace.

  • Individual & Shared Workspaces

    Provides personalized context-aware content that is adapted for specific groups of users.

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