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With the increase in daily transactions that occur in banks, the process of reconciliation and archiving has been hectic for business users as the employee is obliged to search among hundreds of images for the required document. Therefore, banks aim to implement a centralized Enterprise content management system that can transform the bank to a paperless environment through both the automation and digitization of daily activities.

The daily vouchers solution provides a centralized source of information and analytics that speeds up the process of retrieving the needed information. The system aims to automate document scanning and classification in a way that serves the business needs and help in achieving operational efficiency.

Solution Benefits

By using the daily vouchers solution, banks can automatically scan, classify, index and store the daily vouchers’ files that will

  • Monitor the archiving process & track the history
  • Accelerate document transfer to centralized areas
  • Shorten the time needed to archive documents
  • Eliminate the challenges created by errors & paper losses
  • Improve business efficiency & reduce costs
  • Radically reduce the time spent retrieving a document

Solution Capabilities

The solution implements a scanning automation module for the daily vouchers as batches through barcode separation and recognition along with a set of unique capabilities

Defensible Disposal

An effective and safe solution to dispose information and data that is no longer required.

Advanced Case Management

A tool that gives the flexibility required to optimize current business processes.

Content Analytics

Appraise data received with a range of configurable tools to provide the organisation with optimum value.

Information Lifecycle Governance

Easily manage, archive and retrieve data at times when access to past data is essential if they are to provide a quality service.

Document Imaging & Capture

Capture store and manage content effectively.

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