Digital Transformation

Master the digital journey

Governments now are just like business corporations in seeking investment, business & serving customers so legacy laws & regulations must be reengineered to keep up with global trends. That’s why Digital Government Transformation is a key tactic for enhanced operations, preventing corruption & fraud, having better insights for effective decisions and offering an exceptional citizen experience.

Operational Excellence

Business fundamentals for transformation

Business Process Management

Full control, automation and clear visibility of government services, projects and objectives


Intranet & Collaboration Portal

Single gateway for ease of  access to government information and services


Content Management

Structured information across all agencies for better communication and collaboration


Correspondence Management

Manage all correspondence types and govern the flow of documents into and outside


Strategy Planning & Management

Align people with plans

The strategic planning and KPIs monitoring solution makes it easy to break down the big goals down into plans and actionable items so that every involved stakeholder is fully aware of his part in the

Utility Billing Solution

Easily control changes

Organizations will have a unified platform from which they can operate all types of utilities, can expand it at any time to on board new utility services/new meter models or new payment cycles and/or methods and they will be able to control changes in tariffs easier than today

Pension & Social Programs System

Enhance social services

The system manages the delivery of the social program and pension services through identifying the write beneficiaries ensuring the fast and fair delivery of the social services to the right targeted beneficiaries

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