Enterprise Integration

Enterprises are moving away from monolithic “do it all” applications towards service-oriented architecture (SOA). The complexity of software development is also shifting from applications to the increased integration requirements between applications. Additionally, the number of protocols and programming languages is increasing rapidly, further increasing the challenges of system integration.

Sumerge’s enterprise service bus (ESB) helps you develop, manage and deploy integration assets. These capabilities allow you to go live with a shorter time to market, maintain applications more easily and ensure greater security of information assets.

Solution Benefits

  • Improve Customer Experience

    Enable high scalability in near real time for a seamless customer experience.

  • Enhance IT Efficiency

    Reduce the time employees need to perform tasks while ensuring high accuracy and minimal fault tolerance.

  • Cut Integration Costs

    Minimize custom coding of interfaces and automation, allowing you to integrate systems faster and at a lower cost.

  • Increase Profitability of Partnerships

    Allow business partners to use each other’s data, creating an API economy and growth opportunities for all partners.

Solution Capabilities

Maintain and Govern Your Integration Assets Repository

Our ESB allows users to search for assets and govern the process of creating, updating and deprecating integration assets, including applications and services. Users can access this repository through a portal.

Convert Protocols and Messages

Convert communication protocols and message formats without the need to implement code. ESB accepts all standard protocols and formats in addition to some industry-specific standards.

Expose Your APIs

Expose, package and price your APIs for potential customers and partners through a secure infrastructure. Our API packages allow users to register APIs, enter their payment information and request access.

Route Messages

Support message routes regardless of their complexity by using rule-based and failure-based routing models.

Improve Security

Access internal and external services through additional authentication layers, data masking and algorithm encryption.

Support Integration Framework Requirements

Support integration requirements such as message logging, queuing and throttling.

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Agile Integration

Has your traditional integration proven to be an obstacle to your business’s success? Your DevOps went with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and a Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for an integration solution, but they have proven to be complex and less responsive to your needs. Your integration has proven the bottleneck in scalability and agility. The innovation quickly became the complex and slow drag on applications and systems.

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