Enterprise Integration

Standard-based integrations

As the world moves away from monolithic “do it all” applications and into Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Micro Service architecture, development complexity is rapidly shifting from the application itself towards the increased requirements for integration between several applications. Couple that with the exponential increase in the number of protocols, programming languages and the increased customer expectations of multi-channel access to their content. All of this results in an increased challenge and requirements when it comes to integration.

Sumerge’s Enterprise service bus allows organizations to develop, manage and deploy integration assets which enable them to go-live with minimal time to market, easily maintain applications, all while ensuring information security as they expose their internal data outside seeking monetary rewards.

Solution Benefits

  • Seamless Customer Experience

    Enable near-real-time and high scalability customers will enjoy a more seamless experience of all digital application offered.

  • Enhance IT Efficiency

    Employees will shave off valuable time in their quest to finish their work, all while maintaining very high accuracy standards and ensuring minimal fault tolerance.

  • Cut Integration Costs

    Minimize custom coding of interfaces, automation, integrate systems much faster and more cost-efficiently

  • More Profitable Partnering

    Business partners will be able to use each other’s data, creating an API economy between them and opening brand new growth opportunities for all entities involved.

Solution Capabilities

Message Routing

Support for simple and complex message routes alike, including conditional (rule based), failure based, and other routing models.


Secure all of the services you offer externally or even internally through addition of security authentication and authorization layers, masking of data and encryption of algorithms

Expose Your APIs

Use the secure infrastructure to expose your APIs to potential customers and/or partners by exposing and pricing your APIs in packages through the development portal that enables them to register, enter financial information and request access to selected information.

Integration Assets Repository & Governance

Maintain a repository of all available services, allowing all stakeholders to search for applications and services and govern the process of creating, updating or deprecating services as well as those of service consumption through a portal.

Converting Between Protocols & Message Formats

Effectively convert between different protocols and message formats without the need to implement the famous protocol code by yourself. All world-accepted Message formats and protocols as well as some of the more famous industry-specific formats are ready-made.

Common Integration Framework Requirements

Immediately use the readily-supported common integration requirements such as logging of messages, queuing and throttling.

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