Data Integration

Real time data governance

Having trusted data warehouse that is secure is essential in today’s world. Building valuable data warehouse is challenging because you are collecting all organization information in one place. Every data format was designed for a reason. Each one represents information in a way no other format can, with unique attributes, metadata, structure, and schema. Integrating data from different formats adds various levels of specialty to the dataset.

Sumerge’s Data Integration solution transforms data in any style and delivers it to any system. The result is fast time-to-value. The solution provides built-in transformation functions and a common metadata framework that increases efficiencies. It also offers multiple options for delivering data – bulk ETL (extract, transform and load), virtual (federated) and incremental (data replication).

Solution Benefits

Data Integration is crucial to data processes such as: marketing automation, big data analytics, cloud integration, and business intelligence; as it will

  • Minimize inconsistent data
  • Take advantage of specialized applications
  • Make all data in one place and reduce data complexity
  • Ensure more data integrity
  • Give 360-degree view of organization information
  • Help in understanding data for smarter business decisions
  • Make data more available
  • Eliminate the burden of duplicating data gathering efforts

Solution Capabilities

Access, Analyse & Monitor Data Quality

Derive more meaning from your enterprise data through integrated rules analysis on a scalable platform that supports heterogeneous data.

Broadest Set of Prebuilt Transformations

Supports a wide variety of industry-standard formats, including SWIFT, NACHA, HIPAA, HL7, ACORD, EDI X12, and EDIFACT.

Information Governance & Understanding

Use a standardized approach to discovering your IT assets and define a common business language for your data.

Unstructured Data Transformations

Built-in document processors make it easy to extract data from PDF files, Microsoft Word, and Excel without prior conversion

Real-time Data Governance

Parallel processing capabilities help manage, improve and leverage information to drive results, reduce cost and risk of consolidation

Map Once, Deploy Anywhere

using high-performance engine, you can execute real-time and batch data with a common data transformation service

Support for Complex Hierarchical Formats

Easily read and write complex hierarchical documents, without coding, including: XML, JSON ..etc.

Integrate Data Across Multiple Systems

With a powerful, scalable ETL platform, get flexible and near real- time integration of all types of data.

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