Sophisticated Solution Puts Money in the Bank

No more hassles, just cleared checks in the bank

Despite the trend toward a cashless society, checks are still very much in use. While they play an important role, they can also create a major hassle. Recovering funds from bounced or returned checks can be costly and time-consuming, impeding cash flow and limiting the bottom line.

Take the hassle off your hands with Sumerge’s Checks Collection and Clearance solution. Our automated end-to-end platform captures, digitizes, and automates check operations while seamlessly integrating with central clearing houses. You save time, eliminate hassles and get paid — fast.

Accept Checks — Gladly

Rapid Processing for Happy Customers

Real-time, highly personalized customer communications using existing client info and rapid transaction cycles

Fast and Steady Income Stream

Automation accelerates the check collection, clearing, approval and rejection cycles

Business Protection on All Fronts

Guaranteed regulatory compliance with real-time monitoring and automated validation to reduce chances of fraud

Key Details for On-the-Spot Decision Making

Full visibility provides optimum insights into information processing and transaction efficiency

Features You Need for Convenience and Ease

Check Image Capturing

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) provide secure and seamless capture

Workflow Automation

Optimized check processing operation reduces data entry and duplication errors

Check Case Management

Management of unstructured processes and ad hoc tasks for seamless collaboration

Integration with Core Banking

Information exchanged with core banking system for efficient check settlement

Automated Compliance

Automatic regulatory compliance review with credit history, AML status and blacklists

Reporting & Dashboards

Automatically generate check presentment and return reports

Ready to revolutionize your check collection and clearance process? Contact Sumerge today.

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