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Valuable business insights

At a time when banks and financial institutions are under pressure from customers and regulatory bodies to be seen as trustworthy and transparent, business intelligence is paramount to achieving these goals. High quality information readily available to users across the financial organizations gives these institutions the ability to predict risk and fraud issues and make better decisions for the organization and its customers.

Sumerge’s comprehensive banking analytics solution is ideal for the financial services organizations as it has all the versatility that’s needed to carry out the diverse range of functions required by banks and other institutions. The solution puts the real-time data that is needed for business decisions right at your fingertips, and has been designed to work so that financial organizations can customize the solution to meet their specific needs.

Solution Benefits

 Turn data into valuable insights that can be delivered to where it’s needed for for faster and more informed decision-making, reducing risk and enhancing profitability.

Customer 360

Understand who your customers are, how to target them and how to adapt your business strategy for customer retention, cross-selling and upselling to maximize profitability.

Market Insights

Gain better return on investment by uncovering market trends, patterns and valuable insights, as well analyze and optimize the entire marketing operation.

Fraud Prevention

Eliminate both internal and external threats through a state of the art solution that can detect and identify fraudulent behaviors by analyzing and processing massive amounts of real-time data.

Financial Insights

Incorporate all aspect of budgeting, forecasts, outgoings and revenue, so that the bank stays on top of every area of finance and accounting as it disseminates visual representations for rapid assimilation.

Solution Capabilities

Advanced Visualization

Fully customizable graphical representations allowing you to adapt information into the most appropriate visual format for display over the web, via a mobile device or simply for sharing with work partners.


Deliver on your core business strategy and measure performance at an operational level using KPIs and business objectives powered by the scorecards feature.


Personalized dashboards that can be tailored to each specific user’s needs promoting faster interactions and increased efficiency to attain organizational goals.

Predictive Analytics

Discover patterns and anticipate what is likely to happen next using the latest prediction algorithms  delivering a deeper, faster and better future insights at scale.

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time data collection, analysis and reporting for mission critical decision making with interactive KPIs and dashboards.

Statistical Analysis

A powerful feature allowing users to incorporate statistical analysis with reports for improved decision making.


Out of the box mobile functionality, fully compatible with all mobile devices and technologies so that decisions can be made in the field.

Reporting & Analytics

Achieve the most and deliver on your specific reporting needs using the intuitive reports customization tool.

Collaboration Tools

Allow users across the organization to work together seamlessly,  sharing ideas and insights and aligning goals.

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