Utility Billing

Unified billing & payment approach

Modern utility services consumers have high expectations when it comes to billing. Consumers are looking for multiple platforms to pay their bills, monitor their usage and even get advice and tips on what they can do to be more economical. On the other hand, Utility distribution companies can struggle to meet these requirements along with facing shortages in electricity generated and helping consumers achieve better consumption rates.

Sumerge offers a utility billing system that integrates with multiple payment hubs, unifying databases across regions and/or utilities so that you can simply manage continuously changing tariffs. In addition the solution also helps companies to understand the trends that their customer are exhibiting for providing better user experience.

Solution Benefits

A unified billing platform which benefits both the organizations and the consumers alike through

  • Seamless consumer experience as they can easily manage their own data
  • Easy scale up and expand at any time to on board new utility services /new meter models or new payment cycles.
  • Optimum pricing for the services based on historical usage.
  • Update required data on a centralized system that reflects on all different utilities registered on it.
  • Ease of control in changes in tariffs through the self-service portal
  • A unified platform to operate all types of utilities


Self-Services Portal

Where consumers can register, apply for new utilities, trigger Service Requests, and pay their bills. They also get to see personal dashboards showing their consumption trends as well as advise on changes that they can make for better savings.

Unified Payment Hub

A centralized payment hub which applies all organizational and law-mandatory rules before execution of payments. Payments on this hub can be done via several channels either directly with banks or through other payment hubs.

Consumption Insights

Collect information across regions/utilities/sectors/meter models to provide insights showing the trends of consumption against time/region utility for identifying the consumption habits.

Intelligent Bill Calculation

Automatically calculate, generate and distribute bills taking into consideration the rules defined for tariff Management in both the prepaid and post-paid payment models.

Tariff Management

Define new tariffs based on simple or complex rules, edit current rules and select the time from which the edits take place for an enhanced customer experience.

Dashboard & Reporting

A dashboard to provide the needed information on your organizations efficiency. An alert and notification system to keep you ahead of your due dates.

Case Management

Optimize interactions with the public, and create new and more efficient processes through using ad-hoc tasks, process routing and document management capabilities.

Standardization Across Meters

All new meter models will adopt to standards based on world-wide best practices taking into consideration the specific needs of each organization, to ensure accurate on boarding process.

Integration APIs

The solution integrates with payment gateways and supports open & international standards like: IEC 61968, CIM & Multi-Speak.

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