A Memorable Welcome, A Lifelong Customer

The foundation of a long-lasting relationship

You only get one chance to make a remarkable first impression, and a smooth customer onboarding process is the way to do it. Forget manual, paper-based processes riddled with errors and delays. Go for the seamless onboarding solution you’ll get with Sumerge.

Our solution lets banks automate the entire account opening operation, engaging with customers through multiple channels to quickly collect pertinent information. Rather than fretting about filling out the right onboarding forms, your employees can focus on delivering the quality service crucial for your success.

Fast, Easy, Friendly Onboarding

Customers Enrolled in Minutes

Accelerate onboarding turnaround time with built-in workflows and business rules that streamline the flow of information.

Accurate Data at Your Fingertips

Maintain data integrity with automatic data validation and compliance checks as well as a unified data storage and management location.

Smooth Process for Everyone

Use best-practice workflows to guide customer service reps and self-service customers through a rapid and intuitive account opening process.

Multiplied Sales with Perfect Products

Give customer reps a comprehensive view of each client, empowering them to propose the best products for individual needs.

Save Money, Effort, Time

Eliminate paper and storage costs with electronic documents. Let automatic approvals and self-service omni-channels replace costly account processing.

Meaningful Interactions with Personal Touch

Create highly personalized customer communications in real-time with advanced customer segmentation and a 360-degree client view.

Essential Features of Modern Onboarding Solution

End to End Account Opening

Automate the entire account opening process

Easy Regulatory Compliance

Enjoy automatic compliance checks with credit history, AML and blacklists

Customizable Dashboard & Reporting

Track KPIs and other pertinent information with interactive dashboards and reports

Predictive Analytics

Proactively predict customer behavior using advanced algorithms

Core Banking Integration APIs

Connect core banking systems using out-of-the-box integration APIs


Use multiple channels to process accounts and capture information

Satisfy clients from the get-go with Sumerge customer onboarding.

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