Customer Onboarding

Seamless Customer Journey

Banks and financial services organization are looking to attract and retain customers through unique and smooth customer experience. Manual paper-based processes can result in major delays in the servicing of your customers, and process errors can lead to incomplete information that is critical for regulatory compliance.

Sumerge Customer Onboarding solution enables banks to automate the entire account opening operation from front-office to back-office processes. Allowing you to engage your customers via multi-channels which simplifies the information collection process and guarantees a seamless customer experience, while empowering your employees to deliver a quality of service that is critical for your success.

Solution Benefits

Accelerate On-boarding Process

Improve turnaround time with faster approval cycles using built-in workflows and business rules that streamline the flow of information across the whole process.

Increase Data Accuracy

With automatic data validation and compliance checks, while having a unified location for storing and managing clients’ information, data integrity is guaranteed across all systems.

Increase Efficiency

Utilize best-practice workflows to guide your customer representatives and self-service customers through the account opening process to speed up onboarding and close business faster.

Seize Business Opportunities

Equip your customer representatives with a comprehensive view of every customer across multiple business functions and systems allowing them to propose the best product for their specific needs.

Enhance Customer Experience

Create highly personalized customer communications in real-time using advanced customer segmentation capabilities and client 360 view.

Cut Costs

Save paper and storage costs with electronic documents and decrease account processing efforts with automatic approvals and customer self-service omni-channels.

Solution Capabilities

End to End Account Opening

Automate the end-to-end process from account initiation till customer notification.

Regulatory Compliance

Automatic compliance checks with credit history, AML & blacklists.

Reporting & Dashboards

Interactive and customizable dashboards, reports and KPIs

Predictive Analytics

Proactively predict customer behavior using advanced algorithms.

Core Banking Integration APIs

Easily communicate with core banking systems using out of the box integration APIs.

Multi-Channel Inputs

Capture documents from several input devices.

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