Case Management

Managing for uncertain outcomes

The changing dynamics of the world economy is increasing the pressure on organizations to reduce costs while seeking new opportunities to grow and differentiate their products and services. Therefore, the majority of businesses are re-engineering their processes to better support digital challenges and empower their knowledge workers so that they could optimize their business operations.

Sumerge’s Case Management offers a goal-oriented process solution that copes with both structured and unstructured process. As its task management and collaboration tools help to determine the best course of action, based on the information from various types of applications or storage systems, as well as assigning tasks to others, creating ad hoc processes, monitoring response times, or even transferring the case to others while maintaining full case history.

Solution Benefits

The solution empowers caseworkers and to extract more value and insight from critical information, enabling them to make better and faster decisions as through

  • Better collaboration between teams
  • Simpler implementation of changes to processes
  • Easily reuse best practices
  • Content incorporation to enhance operations’ efficiency
  • Easily track customer cases and their status
  • Monitor teams' performance & SLAs

Case manager Capabilities

Integrated Ad-hoc Processes

Address almost any situation and reduce complexity by combining structured processes with dynamic task creation and management.

Business Analytics

Analytics dashboard of content and processes that provide valuable insights into trends and best practices along with advanced search and retrieval capabilities.

Business Rules Management

Manage rules that capture, automate and govern frequent, repeatable business decisions that to ensure continuous improvements of the process.

Agile Design Capabilities

Business-oriented tools are used for the design and deployment of the applications along with the ability to capture best practices, using built-in frameworks and templates to help facilitate both business-user participation and ownership.

Multi-channel Access

Access case documents, data, tasks, history and alerts through multiple channels, along with mobile case collaboration and the ability to use the history function or team space to browse your inbox and update your task list.

Records Management

Full life-cycle governance of case files along with capturing, storing and managing content effectively and supporting the rapid e-Discovery of case-based information.

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