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Whether you call it digital disruption or evolving from legacy software, your organisation requires new methods to design, build, secure and run APIs based on company and user requirements. At Sumerge, our API Management Solutions provides a better way to publish APIs, analyze traffic and secure applications all through one convenient consulting and implementation platform.

No longer change the existing codebase or the application to meet current and future needs. With API Management, your organisation can design and push out new APIs quickly for more productive data usage results. Securely manage users and applications based on your established policies.

One Platform -- Endless API Management Possibilities

Developer Portal

Use existing API documentation and code examples featuring well-known media types and languages to quickly build APIs

One-Click API Release

Simply click a button and your new APIs are released instantly from the management dashboard

Version Control

Effortlessly manage every new API version with built-in controls for on-the fly capabilities

Request and Response Monitoring

Monitor and analyze user traffic to further promote select APIs to users

Versatile Dashboard for Flexibility and Customization Tools

API Creation

Create and edit REST-based and SOAP-based APIs using model-driven tools in a single interface

Gateway security rules

Use existing security policies and adjust “rules” for each API version and subscription plan to secure all your data.

Usage Limits Feature

Apply per minute or per hour limits based on subscription plan and API usage.

Request & Response Transformation Tools

Allow requests and responses to be transformed before arriving into internal services by using our solution tools. You can also log the status of API calls and view them.

API Throttling

Prevent application server overload during heavy API request times by using our API Throttling capabilities.

API Usage Analysis

Customize our intuitive and detailed dashboard to allow event data aggregation with easy-to-understand API statistics

Ride The Information Wave with Sumerge API Management

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Enterprise Service Bus

Enterprises are moving away from monolithic “do it all” applications towards service-oriented architecture (SOA). The complexity of software development is also shifting from applications to the increased integration requirements between applications. Additionally, the number of protocols and programming languages is increasing rapidly, further increasing the challenges of system integration.

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