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In a data driven world, organizations are on the lookout for new ways to value the information they have and add revenue streams. One valuable stream is to publish APIs that add new methods of providing the organization’s services. But Legacy APIs with poor security standards are hard to publish externally without rewriting several applications and as the number of an organisation’s APIs increase, so does the complexity of managing them.

Sumerge’s API Management service provides consulting and implementation services. The API platform allows organisations to design, build, secure and run their APIs without worrying about changes to existing codebases and applications.

Solution Benefits

Automated Partnering

Provide service consumers with a developers portal where they can register, login, learn about existing APIs, how to use them, and build their own business applications all without the need for meetings and agreements.

More Service Monetization

Leverage the API management to automatically calculate API usage by consumers, and automatically deduct payments from their registered Credit Cards.

Monitor & Analyse traffic

Expose the right APIs to the right people and maximize your profits through Comprehensive reporting on how many APIs are registered, who is consuming it as well as their behavioral patterns.

APIs Version Control

Stay up to date with your APIs while giving service consumers time and notifications of changes by the support for version control, deprecation and removal of services.

Gain an API End-Point Registry

The API Platform provides a unified location where all services end-points will be registered.

Have an APIs Factory

Organizations using an API Management Platform are able to release new APIs with a click of a button.

Solution Capabilities

The solution is developed to be highly flexible and the developer portal can be easily tailored to match the organization’s requirements through the solution’s unique capabilities

API Creation

Create REST and SOAP-based APIs and a single interface to manage and edit the API throughout the cycle through model-driven tools.

Secure Gateway

Adjust security policies to fit for different API versions and subscription plans while they are in one place to make sure that your data is safe.

Usage Limits

Limits can be added to API usage per subscription plan in order to limit the number of request per minute or hour.

API Throttling

Isolate the external endpoints from your applications server to reduce outage while throttling the requests to make sure that your application server never has a heavy load and the system is protected from being overloaded.

Request & Response Transformation

With a set of built-in tools that are designed to transform requests and responses before arriving at your internal services, and the status of all API calls is logged and viewable.

API Usage Analysis

API event data are aggregated and provided in an intuitive dashboard that provides the main statistics for your APIs and it can be filtered and customized according to your needs.

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