Social Collaboration Portal

Boost the creation of knowledge culture

Any organization always has a huge number of daily business tasks, processes and projects of various kinds that need to be planned, implemented and controlled. So, different departments with several people collaborating on the same document are involved in the process which usually causes serious delays for the business.

Sumerge’s offers a Social Collaboration Portal solution that acts as a single gateway to employees and all internal systems. This Portal will be the backbone and knowledge base of any business, as it will automate internal documents and task flows, bring the right people to work at the task, and be the access channel for all internal applications.

Solution benefits

More empowered workforce

The Collaboration Portal is capable of delivering highly relevant and easily editable online content in every conceivable format needed to interact and provide real-time information to employees, customers and business partners which will

  • Reduce paperwork
  • Create cost savings
  • Provide better collaboration
  • Increase employees efficiency & productivity
  • Improve Governance
  • Improve customer service
  • Improve business processes
  • Effectively respond to business opportunities

Solution Capabilities

Easily share information

As well as acting as a single access point for company information, data and applications, the Collaboration Portal integrates seamlessly with existing back-end systems and also makes it possible for people to interact in real-time with the company and each other

  • Task & Process Management

    Automate all internal processes for better services to employees.

  • Document & Correspondence Management

    Consolidated employee capabilities and skills portfolio.

  • Integration with Social Networking Platforms

    Integrate with Enterprise Content Management systems & existing systems within the organization.

  • Analytics & Reporting Capability

    with advanced search function, allowing users to easily find what they’re looking for.

  • Social Collaboration & Engagement Engine

    Designed to work with all mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

  • Reduced Reliance on Bandwidth

    Personalized context-aware, adapted for specific groups for a faster, smoother experience.

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