Enterprise-Wide Collaboration for Better Task Management

Single Gateway Solution for Shared Data Access

Every organization consists of multiple departments — from sales to project teams to accounting. These departments will use varying internal applications to retrieve specific data to complete tasks and processes. To ensure your departments can access this information on the same documents using different applications and media formats, Sumerge’s Enterprise Social Collaboration Portal provides data sharing capabilities with increased collaboration features.

Avoid process and business delays by providing a single gateway for employees to access all internal systems. This enterprise portal becomes the knowledge base of your business as it automates internal documents and provides a secure access channel as employees, clients and customers can use editable online content available in all conceivable formats.

Solution benefits

Automated Tasks for an Empowered Workforce

The Collaboration portal provides improved business interactions with real-time information sharing using social networking integration. Whether customers want to read information online or employees need to access content, the Enterprise Portal offers greater controlled access to information content to boost business productivity and efficiency.

  • Improved Governance
  • Streamline business processes
  • Better communication & collaboration
  • Accelerated decision-making through file sharing capabilities
  • Increased cost savings
  • Increase employee efficiency & productivity
  • Respond effectively to business opportunities
  • Enhance customer service

Solution Capabilities

Faster Real-Time Information Sharing

In addition to providing a single point of access for company data and applications, the Enterprise Social Collaboration Portal offers seamless integration with all back-end systems and networks so clients and employees can interact in real time. Customizable add-on modules can be used for individual clients for increased productivity and customer satisfaction. The Social Collaboration Portal includes:

  • Task & Process Management

    Internal processes are automated for better services to employees.

  • Document & Correspondence Management

    Consolidated employee capabilities and skills portfolio.

  • Enterprise content management integration

    Integrates with social networking platforms, management systems, and existing applications within the organization.

  • Analytics & Reporting Capability

    Including an advanced search function for increased search capabilities.

  • Collaboration and engagement engine

    Works with all mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

  • Operational Auditability

    Ability to run in intrusion detection and auditing infrastructures due to full log access to all server records, network information, user activity, logins and IP addresses for enhanced system security

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