Enterprise Content Management

Capture, store & retrieve

With the spike in the amount of documents and other types of content that is generated by organizations, it is becoming an increasing challenge for them to fully utilize and manage the value that this content holds, as they can quickly lose track of the generated documents and it gets quite costly to regenerate the lost documents.

Sumerge’s ECM solution allows organizations to discover, capture, manage and dispose of all types of documents. This gives employees easier access to documents, while maintaining and enforcing strict security measurements that ensure each individual will only have access to documents as per the role and privileges assigned to them.


Business value

Proper Content Management can help organizations across all of their departments. Sales will be able to retain existing customers better and find insights to on-board new customers more effectively, HR will ensure better employee retention, and Accounting will be able to finish their job faster and more effectively.

Manages documents efficiently

Through controlling documents life cycle and identifying those that are to be disposed.

Boosts Staff Productivity

By automating the classification & capturing process and optimizing the search & retrieval period.

Improves Team Work

Manage team collaboration through document versioning and providing team spaces.

Capitalizes on the Data

Capture and convert your data into valuable analytics.

Simplifyies Query Resolution

Instantly retrieve and resolve customer requests and complaints.

Reduces IT Workload

Minimize time and effort needed to add changes to the system.

Solution Capabilities

Information Life cycle Governance

Manage, archive and retrieve legacy data for rapid and easy access needed to ensure the quality of customer service.

Social Content Management

Manage content through a wide variety of interfaces. Users can annotate documents and tag objects, monitor downloads for audience analysis.

Case Management

Combine workflow automation with content for Case Management, resulting in both improved access and outcomes.

Content Analytics

Appraise data as it’s received with a range of tools that can be configured to provide optimum value and valuable insights.

Defensible Disposal

An effective and safe way to dispose of information and data that is no longer required.

Document Imaging & Capture

Capture, store and manage content effectively to increase operations efficiency.

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Content Capturing & Imaging

One of the first and major steps of document management is document imaging and ingestion. A lot of organizations are looking to build an electronic document archive. But the struggle with the reality of how big the operation is to scan, recognize, index and upload all documents from the past backlog in addition to the day to day of new operations.

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