Robotic Process Automation

Administrative Task Solution

There are always administrative tasks that need to be completed, whether it’s filing reports or performing data entry to achieve daily goals. Employees and project teams can get bogged down by trying to get these repetitive tasks completed so they can do more productive work. Sumerge offers the Robotic Process Automation solution to automate pre-defined administrative tasks for more efficient operations.

The Robotic Process Automation allows you to use bots to work on assigned tasks while a versatile dashboard allows you to monitor progress. In addition, the bots are not system dependent. This easy solution can perform the automated tasks without integrating with present applications or legacy systems to avoid IT bottlenecks or slowdowns.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation Solutions

By removing the need for employees to manually complete mundane tasks, they can concentrate on other work to stay motivated and productive. Sumerge’s Robotic Automation allows you to harvest machine learning to improve administrative processes.

Enhanced Automation Without System Risk

Bots are friendly with legacy systems without interfering with existing system capabilities

Consistency & Efficiency

By automating daily tasks, administrative processes become more consistent and efficient

Operational Speed & Scalability

Bots can complete tasks within seconds, leading to an increase in the volume of completed work

Reduction in Human Errors

Automating repetitive tasks reduces the chance of human errors introduced into records and documents

Improved Morale & Engagement

Allows employees to focus on productive and higher-value work by removing tedious tasks

Less Dependency on IT Assistance

Enables business users to create bots with almost zero IT assistance.

Robotic Process Automation Capabilities

You can fully customize bots based on system infrastructure and administration work. Use the secure bots without integrating them into existing legacy systems to complete simple tasks, or integrate them into digital applications to work on more complex processes.

Bots Dashboards

Monitor the bots’ performance using operational and business analytics

Versioning Control and Rollback Feature

Provides fast and easy deployment for scalability with your changing operational strategies

Multilayer RPA Security Frameworks

Use bots securely due to end-to-end data protection, encryption and credential security frameworks

Integrated API Bots

Integrate RPA with digital applications to complete complex tasks that require decision-making solutions based on business rules

Eliminate Repetitive Work to Improve Employee Productivity with Sumerge RPA Solutions

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Underlying Technologies

IBM & Automation Anywhere

Sumerge offers RPA solutions over IBM and Automation Anywhere technologies. This collaboration provides a comprehensive solution to improve business processes and extend RPA capabilities. Forrester ranks IBM as a leader in the Forrester Wave: Digital Process Automation Software and also, Automation Anywhere in the Forrester Wave: Robotic Process Automation.

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