Fraud Management Solution

Detect, respond, investigate & discover

In the digital era, financial crime against banks and other financial institutions is accelerating rapidly. So, fraud and financial crime can no longer be an acceptable cost of doing business, and the old methods of responding to attacks and fraud are now untenable with the new world of sophisticated financial crimes.

Sumerge’s Counter Fraud Management Solution enables banks to deliver real-time, customer-centric fraud prevention. The solution offers a range of intelligent, analytical detection engines that are accurate, fast, easy to configure and simple to use. These create highly accurate predictive models for recognizing and preventing future fraud.

Solution Benefits

Tailored fraud detection rules

Reduce Time-To-Fraud Detection

Detect and stop fraud in real-time across banking channels, as well as match real-time transactions data against customer history profiles.

Increase Management Visibility

Monitor fraud investigation efforts to increase operational efficiency, and provide complete auditing transparency.

Handle Large Volumes of Data at High Speed

Manage massive amounts of data in motion from various data sources and store relevant data in memory for low latency responses.

Have A Fully Integrated Systems

For all the different types of fraud have a fully integrated system that works with any core banking or payments system.

Identify & Act On New Unusual Behavior

Real-time analytics of transactional data, customer behavior and other historical data to correlate and identify patterns, as well as update and refine fraud rules in real-time.

Solution Features

Narrow observation space and ensures that employees are conducting all fraud-related transactions and reporting, through the solution unique features


Out-of-the-box alert scenarios for suspicious activities

Workflow Automation

Fully audited workflow and case management to develop rich profiles

Testing Tools

High-performance scenario testing tools to speed validations


Pre-defined reports for investigations and performance

Integration APIs

Out of the box APIs for real-time & batch data integration

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